How Does Low Blood Pressure Affect Seniors?

Elder Care in Spotswood NJ

A lot is said about high blood pressure as seniors age, but the truth is that low blood pressure, or hypotension, can significantly affect their health and well-being as well. Understanding hypotension and its impact is important for seniors, as it can also help them manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. The good…

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Why It’s Important to Identify Stressors as a Senior

Elder Care in South River NJ

Throughout life there will be ups and downs, stress naturally happens. Your loved one who is aging in place will need to learn how to cope with stress in healthy ways, practice self-compassion, but also identify stressors. It can be hard to do this on their own and a lot easier for someone on the…

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What Is the Impact of Dehydration on Seniors?

Senior Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Seniors get dehydrated when their bodies lose more fluids than they’re taking in. This can also lead to an imbalance in electrolytes and cause problems throughout the body. Dehydration is a big problem for anyone, but it’s especially problematic for aging adults for a variety of reasons. Senior home care providers can help watch for…

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A Guide to Minimizing Itchy Skin in the Golden Years

Elder Care in Manalapan NJ

Like many other things, skin changes with age, and for many seniors, having to deal with itchy skin every day is a problem. Things like decreased oil production, thinner skin, and preexisting health issues are the root causes of itchy skin. The good news is that seniors can take steps to keep their skin healthy…

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Five Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Bones Fit

24-Hour Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Maintaining bone health is a huge part of overall well-being for aging adults. Healthy bones offer seniors better mobility, reduced risk of bones breaking, and higher quality of life. Some of the ways seniors can boost bone health are good steps for them to take in terms of living healthier in general. Seniors may need…

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Helping Seniors Prepare for and Manage the Fear Surrounding Surgery

Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

Surgery can be a daunting prospect at any age, but for seniors, the fear and anxiety surrounding surgical procedures can be particularly overwhelming. As we age, our bodies may not respond to surgery in the same way they did in our younger years, which can make it even more intimidating. However, there are several steps…

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Five Ways Seniors with COPD Can Breathe Easier at Home

Senior Home Care in Edison NJ

Managing COPD is something that seniors need to do if they want to slow down the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and protect their quality of life. There are several very simple changes that seniors can implement, and these changes are easier with the help of support from senior home care providers. Reduce Exposure…

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Five Tips for Noticing and Preventing Senior Depression

Companion Care at Home in Plainsboro NJ

So many seniors don’t realize that they’re battling depression. The symptoms can start out in very subtle ways, gradually increasing in intensity over time. There are lots of solutions that can help aging adults to manage their depression, including working with companion care at home. The trick is first to recognize depression and put those…

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What Causes Dizziness in Seniors?

Senior Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

Anything that causes instability for seniors is a big problem, and that includes dizziness. Occasional dizziness probably isn’t a big problem, but it’s still something to get checked out. If seniors are experiencing dizziness frequently or on a recurring basis, they need to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. Having…

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Understanding the Loss of Balance in Seniors

24-Hour Home Care in Manalapan NJ

Seniors often lose their ability to find their balance, significantly affecting their general health and quality of life. Balance is a complicated mix of what their senses tell them, how strong their muscles are, how flexible their joints are, and how well their brain works. These things can change as people age, making it harder…

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