A Guide to Minimizing Itchy Skin in the Golden Years

Elder Care in Manalapan NJ

Elder Care in Manalapan NJ

Like many other things, skin changes with age, and for many seniors, having to deal with itchy skin every day is a problem. Things like decreased oil production, thinner skin, and preexisting health issues are the root causes of itchy skin. The good news is that seniors can take steps to keep their skin healthy and comfy and lessen the itching that comes with it, especially with elder care on their side.

What Causes Itchy Skin?

Before looking at ways to fix the problem, it’s important to know why senior skin gets itchy. Dry skin is a major contributor to aging, allergies, chronic illnesses like eczema and psoriasis, and medications. With elder care assistance, seniors can determine the reason for their dry skin and find ways to make it better.

Hydration Is Key

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stop skin from itching is to drink plenty of water. The elder care team can encourage seniors to drink enough water every day to keep their skin soft from the inside out. Using a humidifier in the house can also add wetness to the air, which can help keep it from getting dry.

Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions

To prevent their skin from becoming irritated, seniors should use light, scent-free soaps and cleansers. They should also take lukewarm baths or showers instead of hot ones. Additionally, using a soft towel to pat the skin dry and putting on lotion right after a bath can help lock in even more moisture.

Choose the Right Lotion

Speaking of lotion, there are many different kinds to consider, including those made for itchy and dry skin. Another thing to consider is that seniors might benefit more from a cream or ointment than a lotion because they form a thicker barrier that keeps wetness in. For the best results, seniors may need to use it several times a day, especially after washing their hands, showering, or bathing.

Fabric Makes a Difference

The clothes that seniors wear can also make their skin itch. To keep skin from getting irritated, the elder care team can suggest materials that are loose-fitting and airy, like cotton. Also, comfortability can be greatly improved by staying away from clothes that are too tight or have rough textures.

When Is It Time to Talk to a Health Care Professional?

Itching that doesn’t go away or gets worse could be a sign of a deeper health problem, so seniors should talk to their doctor right away. Some skin conditions, allergies, or medications may need special treatments or changes to drugs that are already being taken.

It’s vital to keep seniors’ itchy skin to a minimum, as too much scratching can lead to other health problems, like open wounds. Seniors can get rid of itching and keep their skin healthy and more comfortable in their golden years by following a skin care routine that includes the tips above. With the help of elder care and their medical team, a good plan can be implemented that gives them the support they need.


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