Helping Seniors Manage Diabetes With Diet and Exercise

Personal Care at Home in Highland Park NJ

A personal care at home team can do more than help seniors with dressing and cleaning. They can also watch for changes in your senior’s health and assist in managing conditions such as diabetes. For seniors and loved ones, having this support at home is crucial to ensure seniors are at their best. Is Diabetes…

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The Link Between High Blood Pressure and Kidney Health in Seniors

Home Care in Monroe NJ

Most people know that high blood pressure is a serious health issue, but they may not realize that high blood pressure can lead to bigger issues. There’s a significant link between high blood pressure and kidney damage, which can lead to kidney failure. Putting a plan in place, along with support from home care providers,…

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Tips For Helping A Senior Parent Who Has Incontinence

Personal Care at Home in South River NJ

Incontinence is something that is common among seniors. But it’s something that seniors often don’t want to talk about because they are embarrassed by it. One of the best things that families can do to support seniors who have incontinence is get them personal care at home. Personal care at home gives seniors the dignity…

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4 Things Seniors Can Do To Stay Healthy This Winter

Senior Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

Seniors always need to take extra precautions to stay healthy, but during the winter when illnesses are everywhere, it’s even more important to safeguard their health. During the holiday season seniors may be traveling or interacting with a lot of people that they normally don’t spend with. All of that extra contact with people can…

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