What Causes Dizziness in Seniors?

Senior Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

Senior Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

Anything that causes instability for seniors is a big problem, and that includes dizziness. Occasional dizziness probably isn’t a big problem, but it’s still something to get checked out. If seniors are experiencing dizziness frequently or on a recurring basis, they need to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. Having help from senior home care professionals can ensure that seniors are as safe as possible while they continue to investigate what’s causing their dizziness.

Potential Causes of Dizziness in Seniors

There are so many possible answers to why a senior might be experiencing dizziness. Dehydration is a big factor to consider, especially if seniors don’t enjoy drinking water. Inner ear issues, medication side effects, ear infections, and orthostatic hypotension are also possibilities. Seniors may need to get their doctors involved in order to get a solid answer in their particular situation.

Monitoring and Assisting

Senior home care providers are a huge help for seniors when they’re experiencing dizziness. Caregivers can help to monitor and assist aging adults as they go through their days. It can be a huge relief for family caregivers to know that there is someone there with their family members who can react quickly if something should happen.

Fall Prevention

Dizziness greatly increases fall risk, so home care providers are essential assistance when it comes to fall prevention. Caregivers can ensure that the home is as safe as possible, with tripping hazards removed. They can also stay alert for issues like poor lighting and a lack of grab bars and other supports.


In some cases, seniors may find that their doctors recommend some specific exercises that can help them to recover from dizziness. Senior home care providers can help seniors to remember to do these exercises when they should. They can also help to ensure that seniors are safe while they’re exercising. With a solid routine, aging adults may make quicker progress than they thought possible.

Assistance with ADLs

Seniors who are experiencing a lot of dizziness may find that it’s difficult to handle their usual activities of daily living, or ADLs. These activities are tasks like bathing, cooking, eating, and taking care of their homes. With the help of elder care providers, seniors can rest easy knowing that they have someone there who can take care of those tasks for them until they feel better.

Emotional Support

It can be so frustrating to experience a big medical condition and not know how to resolve it quickly. Seniors who are experiencing dizziness may also feel as if their independence is on the line. Caregivers can be there to offer emotional support and reassurance when seniors need it the most. They also help to preserve independence, helping only as much as seniors need them to help.

When seniors are dealing with something as scary as dizziness, it helps to have as many tools as possible in their corner. Being able to rely on senior home care professionals and family caregivers can help seniors to feel safer and more in control of their situation.

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