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It's a personal thing. At Care Street, you're not just a file - you're a person. We engage each individual we deal with, and build a real relationship with clients and their families. We know it's not easy to let someone you don't know into your home, so we make sure to get to know you before we even begin!

Maintaining high standards - Each aide undergoes preliminary orientation as well as regular in-service classes to ensure that our Care Street protocol and guidelines are universally maintained.

Care you can count on - With Care Street you are always assured of uninterrupted conscientious care. We work hard to avoid last-minute cancellations. We wouldn't do that to our own Moms and we would never do it to you.

We're on it! In an effort to make sure each client's needs are being met, Care Street performs periodic Needs Assessments to re-evaluate changing situations and health conditions. Additionally, our caregivers and staff maintain close communication to make sure that care is seamless and comprehensive.

At Care Street, our motto is: "Caring as only family can" - and it's a motto we live by. Our caregivers treat each client as family, and are imbued with a mission: to improve our clients' quality of life by providing outstanding home care services.

Quality caregivers - We only employ Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses. All are carefully selected for their skill, character, and compatibility. You'll find them to be warm, personable, compassionate, and very pleasant company! They treat each client as family.

Quality Care - A Registered Nurse is directly involved in each client's care, providing an initial assessment, overseeing the CHHA's implementation, and periodically reassessing the client.

Safe and secure - Prior to hiring, we conduct thorough background screening and interview each employee, selecting only those who meet our meticulous standards. We only employ caregivers who we would feel comfortable letting into our own homes!

24/7 clinical support - Care Street's on-call supervisor answers caregivers' and patients questions or concerns 24/7. In the event of a serious medical question, a Registered Nurse is available 24/7 as well.

Individualized care - Our caregivers get a thorough orientation of each client's specific care needs, and are trained in the specific Plan of Care. This includes techniques, therapeutic exercises, safe and effective transfers, ambulatory training, stair climbing, and proper utilization of durable medical equipment. (When possible, we coordinate onsite training with the Rehabilitation Staff from the discharging Facility.)

Our own employees - At Care Street we do not serve as a brokerage for 'free-agent' caregivers. Our caregivers are our own employees, screened and selected by our discerning recruitment staff.

Bonded and insured - All our caregivers are bonded and insured, so you never have to worry about any loss, damage, injury, or liability that could result from having a caregiver in home.

Compatibility -We work hard to carefully match up the perfect caregiver for each individual client, so you know that your loved one will be in good hands - and in good company!

Flexibility - At Care Street we only provide the services that you want, for the amount of time you need - not more and not less.