How Can Seniors Cope with Challenges Around Self-care?

Personal Care at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Part of growing older means accepting that changes are going to happen. But seniors are used to taking care of themselves and when that changes, it can be so difficult to even ask for help. Personal care at home offers a way for seniors to receive dignified, personalized assistance with hygiene tasks and so much…

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Tips To Help Your Senior Quit Drinking

Personal Care at Home in Spotswood NJ

Alcohol is one of the most widely available substances, and it is addictive and toxic for our bodies. Many seniors may not even realize they drink more than they should because, over time, it becomes a habit many people depend on. After a long day of work, they drink a few glasses of wine without…

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Five Facts about Aging and Oral Health

Personal Care at Home in Edison NJ

Aging gracefully involves addressing a variety of health issues, including oral health. Ignoring oral health can have some serious impacts on how well seniors are able to fare as they grow older. Having help from personal care at home can be just what seniors need in order to take the best possible care of their…

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Five Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Bones Fit

24-Hour Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Maintaining bone health is a huge part of overall well-being for aging adults. Healthy bones offer seniors better mobility, reduced risk of bones breaking, and higher quality of life. Some of the ways seniors can boost bone health are good steps for them to take in terms of living healthier in general. Seniors may need…

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The 10 Best Exercises For Seniors

Elder Care in Monroe NJ

Exercise is essential for good health, especially for seniors. Staying active and exercising daily can help seniors reduce their risk for serious illnesses. It can also help seniors maintain a healthy weight and keep their muscles strong. When seniors are living alone they may struggle to get the recommended amount of activity for good health.…

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Risk Factors of Dehydration in Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Old Bridge NJ

As fall rolls in, it’s still important for seniors to remain hydrated so that they can avoid health issues related to dehydration. Many people think that dehydration is only a problem for seniors when the temperatures are climbing, but that’s not the case. Dehydration can occur at any time, even if temperatures are cooling down…

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Why Is Hydration So Important for Seniors?

Elder Care in Manalapan NJ

Your senior loved one may want to age in place, but there can be certain challenges to ensuring they do so safely and remain as healthy as possible. Things like eating and drinking may slip their minds, so becoming malnourished and dehydrated are real serious issues that can occur. Elder care is one of the…

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7 Ways Sleep and Heart Health Are Connected for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Highland Park MN

As seniors grow older, they might face more difficulty managing health issues. It can also be more difficult for them to get the sleep they need and want to have. It turns out that these issues can be related to each other. Understanding how sleep can improve heart health allows seniors to make progress toward…

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Shopping Tips When Helping Your Mom With Dietary Changes

Home Care Assistance in Edison NJ

At her last doctor’s appointment, your mom’s doctor said she needs to make healthier choices for her bones and muscles as she has osteopenia. She worked with a dietitian and has meal plans and tips to use. First, she needs to go shopping. How can you help her stock up on essentials that meet her…

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4 Things Seniors Should Do At Night For Better Sleep

24-Hour Home Care in Monroe NJ

If your senior parent is not getting the restful sleep that they need, there could be many reasons for that. It’s very common for seniors to have trouble sleeping, especially seniors that are aging at home. If your senior parent is struggling to sleep because they have anxiety at night, 24-hour home care can help.…

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