Tips To Help Your Senior Quit Drinking

Personal Care at Home in Spotswood NJ

Personal Care at Home in Spotswood NJ

Alcohol is one of the most widely available substances, and it is addictive and toxic for our bodies. Many seniors may not even realize they drink more than they should because, over time, it becomes a habit many people depend on. After a long day of work, they drink a few glasses of wine without considering the implications. Even after a senior retires, this habit may have already been formed. That means in the evening, they settle down with a drink. Not all seniors have a drinking problem, but it is so important to talk about sobriety and how it can boost quality of life. Even if your loved one doesn’t want to quit drinking altogether, you can still talk to them about limiting alcohol consumption for health benefits. Here are some tips to help limit alcohol in a senior’s life, and how personal care at home can support their efforts.

Change The Way You Think

Changing the way you think about alcohol is often the first step to changing your habits. This is also true when you talk to your senior loved one about drinking. Firstly, you may think it’s not a bad habit, but you should learn exactly what it does to your body and how it can react to certain medications. Not all seniors should be drinking, and as they get older, they will likely be on more medications. If you can’t change the way your loved one thinks, get a doctor involved. Your senior should ask their doctor what they think about drinking, and this may change their minds after getting a professional opinion.

Ask for Help

Stopping this bad habit can take time, and it is especially difficult if the whole family or all of their friends groups drink. Let your senior loved one be honest and allow them to ask you to also cut down the drinking. When you stop drinking around them, or the alcohol is not in the house anymore, it can motivate your seniors to stay sober, and it becomes less of a temptation. If they need more than this, personal care at home can help remind them how good it feels to be free of alcohol and how much healthier they are. Sometimes, having simple reminders is all a senior needs to continue the healthy lifestyle change. On top of asking personal care at home for help, a senior can ask a doctor for resources and help if they think they may have a bigger problem. There is never shame in asking for help.

Look Into Therapy

Often, there is a reason people tend to drink, whether they know it or not. It could be a habit started after years of stress, a way to cope, or any number of things. So, if your loved one is having a hard time quitting alcohol or feels like it is hopeless, it’s time to seek therapy. A therapist may help them understand why they gravitate towards this substance, which can then help a senior stay away from it. Understanding someone’s motivations is a great way to determine how to give up a substance. Everything starts with inner work, and it doesn’t matter how old you are.

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