Five Facts about Aging and Oral Health

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Aging gracefully involves addressing a variety of health issues, including oral health. Ignoring oral health can have some serious impacts on how well seniors are able to fare as they grow older. Having help from personal care at home can be just what seniors need in order to take the best possible care of their…

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The 10 Best Exercises For Seniors

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Exercise is essential for good health, especially for seniors. Staying active and exercising daily can help seniors reduce their risk for serious illnesses. It can also help seniors maintain a healthy weight and keep their muscles strong. When seniors are living alone they may struggle to get the recommended amount of activity for good health.…

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Everything Family Caregivers Should Know About Arthritis

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Over 92 million people in the United States are believed to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. One out of every two men aged 65 or older has some form of arthritis. It’s not surprising to learn your dad is arthritic, but you may not know what this means for him and his daily life. Here’s what you…

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