Four Benefits of Tea Drinking for Your Senior

December 15th is International Tea Day, so did you know that there are some huge benefits that your elderly family member might get from drinking tea more often? Having help from home care providers might make drinking tea more often even easier for your senior, especially if she’s enjoying some of these benefits.

Might Reduce the Risk of Developing Certain Health Issues

The different components in teas can help your senior to manage a variety of health issues. Your senior might find that drinking certain types of tea can help with anything from managing high blood pressure to fending off diabetes and more. Some teas can help with digestion and others can help to reduce anxiety. The health benefits of some teas can also mean that it’s a good idea to mention the tea your senior drinks often to her doctor, just to be certain it doesn’t interfere with some medications.

Can Help with Hydration

Tea is a beverage, which of course means that drinking more tea can help your elderly family member to be better hydrated. This is excellent if your elderly family member doesn’t enjoy drinking plain water or otherwise has a difficult time drinking enough fluids during the day. Finding a tea that she enjoys can help her to drink more often than she might otherwise.

Can Boost Mood

Some types of tea contain ingredients that can help your senior to improve her mood. That can also be a side effect of being better hydrated. Drinking flavors that she enjoys can boost your senior’s mood, too. Teas higher in L-theanine, an amino acid, may have an even better chance at boosting your senior’s moods and reducing anxiety. Green teas are among the teas with the highest levels of L-theanine.

May Help with Sleep Issues

If your elderly family member has a tough time sleeping, then any number of herbal teas might be a good idea to try. Chamomile tea has long been recommended for sleep, but teas made with lavender and other ingredients may also help. Again, if your elderly family member takes medications, especially medications for sleep, talk with her doctor before relying on teas to help her to sleep.

Tea is only one of many foods and beverages that your senior needs to make up a healthy diet. If cooking and even thinking about what she should be eating feels too big for her, then home care providers can help so very much. Senior care services can take over those difficult tasks, making life easier and more enjoyable for your senior.

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