Assistance Dogs: Could One Help Your Senior Parent?

Personal Care at Home in South Brunswick NJ

Personal Care at Home in South Brunswick NJ

Does your elderly loved one need help around their house? Maybe, they need someone to get the newspaper off their porch? They may need someone to get their cane, so they can get safely up from the couch. There are many little tasks like these that senior citizens often need help with. What if a dog could help your elderly loved one with these things? Have you ever considered getting your elderly loved one an assistance dog? Learn how these dogs can help senior citizens today.

Staying Independent

You or personal care at home providers may have noticed that your elderly loved one needs more help than they are currently getting. However, what if the help they need isn’t with huge tasks? For example, maybe your elderly loved one drops things while they are in their wheelchair? They may also need someone to get clothes from the closet. These are just a couple examples of how an assistance dog can help your elderly loved one out from day-to-day. You can learn more about assistance dogs, therapy, dogs, and services dogs from professional dog trainers and dog organizations.

Adding to the Support Team

Your elderly loved one may benefit from having more support from day-to-day. For example, you and their personal care at home providers may currently be helping your elderly loved one make meals, driving them to doctor appointments, and giving medication reminders. However, your elderly loved one may find it helpful to have a constant companion, even when you or home care providers aren’t there. An assistance dog can be with your parent 24/7, providing a loving companionship that is unique to pet owners and their pets.

Medical Alerts

What will your elderly loved one do if they have a medical emergency? Is there a plan in place? You may want to consider getting them a service dog. These dogs can be trained to seek out help when your elderly loved one is in danger. For example, if your elderly loved one is sitting at a bench in town and is struggling to breath, the dog can be trained to run and get help. When people see a dog that has a service vest (that isn’t with anyone), they are supposed to follow the dog back to the owner to find out what is wrong. A service dog could help to save your elderly loved one in the case of a medical emergency.


These are some of the ways that assistance dogs or service dogs can help senior citizens. Sure, your elderly loved one may have help from you and personal care at home providers. However, having an assistance dog could be an additional support that could greatly benefit your elderly loved one.


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