4 Things Seniors Should Do At Night For Better Sleep

24-Hour Home Care in Monroe NJ

24-Hour Home Care in Monroe NJ

If your senior parent is not getting the restful sleep that they need, there could be many reasons for that. It’s very common for seniors to have trouble sleeping, especially seniors that are aging at home. If your senior parent is struggling to sleep because they have anxiety at night, 24-hour home care can help. When seniors have 24-home care, it’s easier for them to manage nighttime anxiety because they aren’t alone in the home overnight. Some other things that seniors can do to get better sleep at night are:

Get A New Mattress

If your senior parent hasn’t replaced their mattress in ten years or more it’s time for a new mattress. Having a broken-down mattress that’s no longer supportive or comfortable can be one of the reasons why your senior parent isn’t sleeping as well as they could be. Often seniors forget that it’s been a long time since they bought a new mattress. And modern mattresses with more support, integrated cooling, and other upgrades can significantly improve the quality of a senior’s sleep.

Upgrade Bed Linens

It may also be time for your senior parent to upgrade their bedding. Old sheets and blankets can be comfortable and familiar, but new bedding can feel luxurious and cozy. Natural fiber bedding made from crisp cotton or soft linen will help seniors sleep better at night. And natural fibers allow for more air circulation so they will help seniors regulate their body temperature and sleep more soundly throughout the night. Bamboo bedding is also a great natural fiber choice.

Get A New Bed

If your senior parent is sleeping alone for the first time in decades because they have recently lost their spouse replacing the bed with a smaller bed may help them sleep better. Often after losing a spouse the remaining senior struggles to get to sleep because they are missing having someone in bed next to them. Swapping out the marital bed for a single or full size bed can make it easier for your senior parent to move on and get the sleep they need at night. But you should recognize that it might be an emotional moment for your senior parent to get rid of that old bed, even if they want to get a new one.

Get Blackout Curtains

Another thing that can help seniors sleep better at night are blackout curtains. The amount of light in your senior parent’s bedroom could be making it difficult for them to sleep even if they don’t think that the light really bothers them. Sometimes the light in the bedroom can be subconscious trigger that keeps your senior parent awake. Motion activated lights, lights from the street, or lights from next door can make your senior parent’s room too bright at night. Blackout curtains will shut out all the extra light and create a cozy dark atmosphere so your senior parent will sleep more easily.

Talk to your senior parent to find out if 24-hour home care would help them feel more secure and get better sleep at night.

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