Learning About Healthy Fats to Add to Your Senior’s Diet

Senior Home Care in Manalapan NJ

Senior Home Care in Manalapan NJ

Taking care of your parents can be challenging, especially if you don’t have extra help. However, even if you do, learning to get a senior to eat is something that you can work through with the help of senior home care. It often takes an entire team to ensure your elderly parent remain healthy throughout the rest of their lives. Many seniors are choosing to age in place, but they may have habits that need to be monitored, health issues that become concerning, or they stop doing things they used to do.

All of this can lead to stress on your end, and you may not know how to get your senior parent to eat more than they want. That is when it’s time to find healthy, high protein foods that can be served in small portions. Finding yummy, smaller, but filling foods will be crucial as your parent ages.

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for an older family member is assisting them in maintaining a healthy diet. As we age, our perceptions of taste and smell deteriorate, resulting in changes in our appetites and dietary choices. Many caregivers discover that their loved ones have lost interest in eating and are practically indifferent to what is provided for supper each night. A proper diet is critical for optimal health, and mealtimes often play a significant social role in the lives of senior citizens. Encouraging a loved one to participate in and enjoy meals is as simple as bringing in senior home care for companionship and using a few high-quality food items.

Use Nut Butter

One of the easiest things to add to a senior’s diet is nut butter. Nuts that are smooth and creamy are easier to eat and digest than those that are still raw. As a last resort, you can try mixing the nuts into a hot bowl of oatmeal or spreading some on a piece of warm bread to get your loved one to eat the nuts. There is a lot of monounsaturated fat in nut butter, which is good for your heart and blood pressure. If you don’t like peanut butter, you can also try cashew, almond, or sunflower butter.

Add In Avocados

As a high-calorie food, avocados are also a favorite of many older people. Rich and creamy, avocados feel like nut butter. Their high-fat content makes them an emulsifier, making them thick when mixed with other foods. This doesn’t mean giving your senior parent a dip like guacamole but rather adding an avocado to a smoothie, salad, or sandwich.

Eat More Coconut

A new diet called the Paleo diet has made coconut a trendy new food. Coconut products have a lot of saturated fat. Still, we’re learning that this fat is different from the kind found in animal products. Try adding full-fat coconut milk when you’re making creamy soups and stews. Coconut oil can be a good replacement for olive and vegetable oils in many recipes. Keep in mind that the more healthy type of coconut oil, called virgin or unrefined, can make food taste a little sweet or nutty.


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