Challenges the Elderly May Face Every Day

Companion Care at Home in Highland Park NJ

Companion Care at Home in Highland Park NJ

When your loved one is determined to live alone and age in the place, they may experience challenges that you would never consider. Sometimes an elderly loved one faces difficulties that they may have once faced easily. A senior may gain new abilities and lose some too. You may be surprised to find some everyday things that can become challenging. Here are things to pay attention to and note.


If you notice your senior not eating as much as they used to or losing a lot of weight suddenly. It’s time to start paying attention to them. If they lose a bunch of weight, it can be a sign they’re not eating as much as they used to, and believe it or not, a senior needs a certain amount of calories every day, just like everyone else. Your seniors may be forgetting to eat because they don’t feel hungry like they used to, or maybe it pains them to stand for long periods to cook. Other times it can hurt to hold utensils, so they forgo eating altogether. Companion care at home can usually help a senior make easy-to-eat meals but also help feed them if necessary.

Falling Often

Seniors may lose balance and fall. Things like stairs, rugs, or slippery areas can make seniors fall more often. They may have to declutter and throw things out to ensure there is nothing in the way that could make them fall. If you know your senior has had incidents, you may want to get them safety buttons or features to call for help if they’re alone.

Hearing Loss

Your loved one may start losing their hearing or even eyesight which can be dangerous if they’re living alone. If your seniors start losing their hearing, they may not be able to hear the doorbell or even an intruder in their home, which can put them in a vulnerable position. This can also make it harder to communicate with a senior. They may hear the wrong thing or not listen to you at all, making plans harder to follow through on. Hearing loss means they are less aware of their surroundings and what a person is saying to them.

Social Isolation

Even if you live close by, your senior is at risk for social isolation. They may have lost their partner and friends throughout their lives, leaving them to feel alone. This can be especially true if they live alone. However, one of the best things you can do for your senior finds the right professional companion care at home. These caregivers can do much more than provide companionship; they can drive a senior to group activities or even to a family member’s house. Social isolation can be avoided with the right help and encouragement.

Transportation Issues

At some point, your senior will have to stop driving. For some people, that is at 85, and for other people, that’s at 95, but it does happen. Before this happens, you should have a plan to get your seniors where they need to go. This may be with the help of companion care at home or with a shuttle service that will help your elderly loved one.

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