4 Things Seniors Can Do To Stay Healthy This Winter

Senior Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

Senior Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

Seniors always need to take extra precautions to stay healthy, but during the winter when illnesses are everywhere, it’s even more important to safeguard their health. During the holiday season seniors may be traveling or interacting with a lot of people that they normally don’t spend with. All of that extra contact with people can lead to seniors becoming sick. The cold weather, dry indoor air, indoor allergens, and other factors also can contribute to seniors getting sick. Four easy things that seniors can do to protect themselves from getting sick this winter are:

Boost The Immune System

A healthy immune system is the best defense colds and the flu. Seniors should make it a priority to maintain a healthy immune system so that they won’t get sick even if they are exposed to viruses and germs. To boost their immune systems seniors should focus on eating a healthy diet that includes mostly vegetables and eating fruit like citrus fruit that contains vitamin C. Drinking orange juice and echinacea tea can also help provide an immune system boost for seniors. Seniors what have senior home care should talk to their senior home care provider about making healthy meals that will help them give their immune system a boost.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is just as important as a healthy diet when it comes to avoiding getting sick. Seniors should be getting at least eight hours of restful sleep at night. If your senior loved one is having trouble sleeping senior home care may help. Seniors who feel anxious at night or have trouble sleeping may be able to relax and sleep more soundly when they have senior home care helping out. Sometimes just knowing someone else is there is enough to help seniors who can’t sleep. Your senior parent also may want to talk to their doctor if they are experiencing chronic insomnia.

Wash And Sanitize Hands Often

Seniors, and their senior home care providers, should be washing their hands often throughout the day. When seniors go out to go shopping, to appointments, or to the gym they should be using hand sanitizer frequently. Seniors who are going to see loved ones for birthdays or during the holidays should be using hand sanitizer every time they are around someone new. Hand washing is one of the best ways for seniors to avoid getting sick. Simple soap and water can effectively kill germs and viruses quickly.

Wear A Mask

Seniors who are going out in public should wear a mask if they’re going to be around a lot of other people. Going to the grocery store or going to the senior center can expose seniors to germs and viruses but if they wearing a mask they will be largely protected. Masks will protect seniors from viruses that are carried in the small droplets of water that people breathe out. And masks will protect other people from any contagious illnesses that seniors might have as well.

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