5 Ways to Support a Senior with Heart Disease

Home Care Assistance in South River NJ

Home Care Assistance in South River NJ

A diagnosis of heart disease can be a very frightening set of words to hear. If this is what your aging family member is going through, it’s important to take a look at what resources you can put in place for her. Leaning on home care assistance, for example, is a good way to make sure that your elderly family member is in good hands, even if you can’t be there with her.

Get Advice from Her Doctor

Your elderly family member’s doctor is likely to give her a detailed care plan to go along with her diagnosis of heart disease. It’s a good idea for her to follow that care plan as closely as she can, but many people don’t take those recommendations seriously. If you can convince her to do so right out of the gate, she’s likely to have a better experience overall.

Use That Information to Put Plans in Place

Once you know what her doctor has recommended, you can start putting plans together with your elderly family member. That might involve looking at ways to adjust her diet and helping her to embrace a new exercise routine. What really makes a difference is having supportive help in place, and home care assistance can do that for your aging family member. They can make dietary changes a lot easier, along with helping out elsewhere.

Develop Solid Routines That Support Well-being

Home care assistance is also helpful at working through new routines with your senior. The key to any health issue is finding routines that support the health goals your senior has. Making any change related to health is difficult, so a routine makes those decisions effortless. Sticking with a routine means that your aging family member is able to get everything in, including that workout she might have been avoiding.

Look for Gaps in the Plan So You Can Fill Them

No plan is perfect. That’s why you need to just start with what you and your senior put together. Over time, assess what’s working and where there are gaps in the plan. As you spot those, use the resources you’ve collected to try filling in those areas. Eventually you’ll have a more solid plan that helps your elderly family member to be as healthy as possible.

Learn the Signs of Problems

It’s crucial for you and your elderly family member to know what the signs of trouble are with heart disease. Symptoms like increased shortness of breath, pain, numbness, vomiting, and lower limb edema are all very serious. If your elderly family member starts experiencing any of these signs or others that her doctor has warned her about, she needs to seek medical attention immediately.

People can live a very long time with heart disease, but they usually do so because they’re doing everything that they can to support the needs of their body. Helping your elderly family member to do that as well as she can is going to give her the best results.


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