Connecting with Your Loved One during Screen Free Week

Home Care in Edison NJ

Home Care in Edison NJTechnology is everywhere. It seems that no matter what you are doing or where you look, you see a screen of some kind or someone with their focus on a screen. Televisions, computers, tablets, smart phones, monitors, and even billboards mean that there are screens absolutely everywhere and more and more people are becoming dependent on them in daily life. As a caregiver you may notice this even more than others do. You might find that your family is always turning to a screen of some kind for stimulation and entertainment, or that you miss your own screens in the few minutes that you are not using them. While utilizing technology to some extent is not a bad thing and can actually be a boon to your caregiver efforts, being too reliant on these screens can make a negative impact on your health, wellbeing, and the care that you give your parent.

May 2 through 8 is Screen Free Week. During this week, set aside as much time as possible away from your screens and focus instead on the “real” world. You might just discover that your care efforts are vastly improved just by the simple change of not spending so much of your life invested in technology.

Let these ideas inspire you for ways to improve your caregiver journey by unplugging from technology and focusing in on the real world during Screen Free Week:

• Let it be known. Before you embark on your tech-free week, make sure that you let those around you know that you are doing it. In today’s society of constantly being plugged in, an absence from usual means of communication such as texting and social media might set off alarm bells. Let everyone you usually communicate with know that you are not going to be texting, emailing, or using social media for the week. If they want to talk to you or spend time with you, they will need to call you and set up a time to actually see you.

• Plan ahead. Though a simple change, cutting screens out of your life for a week can seem like a major adjustment. Planning ahead for activities that you are going to do can get you and your loved one excited about the experience and make the week less daunting.

• Know the limits. While you would like to be able to completely unplug and not look at a single screen for the duration of the week, this may not be possible. You may have to work on a computer or share information with other members of your care team through email. Acknowledge these limitations from the beginning and commit to handling each necessary task when it arises, but not straying. This means not opening emails from other senders, not venturing onto the internet, and not even glancing at social media.

• Have fun. This is the biggest part about this week. You are meant to enjoy it. While it might seem strange at first not reaching for your phone when you have a few moments of downtime or not dropping down in front of the TV the first chance that you get when you get home, you will get used to it. Crack open a new book and discuss it with your family. Go on a long walk together. Play some of those old board games that you loved when you were younger. Return your focus to improving your parent’s life and creating lasting, meaningful memories.

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