4 Tips for Helping Visitors Cope with the Unfortunate Side Effects of Alzheimer's

Caregivers in Edison NJ

Caregivers in Edison NJOften loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia can say things to her caregiver or to others that aren’t very friendly at all. And when that happens during a visit from someone your loved one would ordinarily be happy to see, it can be very off-putting. These tips can help your loved one’s visitors cope better with not so friendly statements from your loved one.

Encourage Visitors to Ignore Mean Comments

This isn’t always easy to do, but if visitors can try to ignore the comments that aren’t so nice, it can help to keep the atmosphere friendly during the visit. Arguing can often cause loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s to become much worse, and chances are very good that your loved one doesn’t realize that she said something that wasn’t appropriate.

Remind Visitors that it’s the Illness Speaking

Along with ignoring some of the mean comments it can help to remind visitors that it’s not your loved one making these statements, it’s the illness talking. This can sometimes help visitors to cope with the fact that they’re not having the type of visit with your loved one that they probably hoped for. Alzheimer’s and dementia can seem to change your loved one’s personality, making her seem like a stranger.

Try Using Distraction

When your loved one says something not so nice, try distracting her or moving the conversation in another direction entirely. Try offering your loved one a beverage or introducing a topic that your loved one enjoys talking about. Distraction can also work if your loved one’s visitors need a small break during the visit. Seeing your loved one in a different way than they may be used to can be difficult for the visitors.

Make a Small Response and then Move On

If your loved one is still in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, she may still be more coherent about what she’s saying even if her inhibitions are a bit lower. Try briefly responding with a statement that what she said was hurtful and then move on to another topic. Your loved one may not have realized what she said, and the small comment can help her understand that she went a step too far.

Visitors are a wonderful gift for your loved one, but they may have a hard time understanding her willingness to sometimes say something a little less than kind.

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