Prioritizing Fall Prevention at Home for Seniors

24-Hour Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

24-Hour Home Care in Plainsboro NJ

Falls are a massive problem for seniors. They can lead to serious injuries, future mobility problems, and even cognitive impairments. The key to avoiding falls is to have a thorough fall prevention plan in place and then to implement it. Luckily, 24-hour home care services can help families with both pieces of that goal.

Fall Risk Assessments

Fall risk assessments sound a lot more complicated than they are. At its core, this is basically taking the time to look at all of the various risk factors that could contribute to a senior’s fall. This might include health issues, balance and mobility problems, household risk factors, and more. Home care providers can go through a senior’s needs with family caregivers and put together a complete list of what factors could pose a problem.

Personalizing Fall Prevention Plans

No fall prevention plan is exactly the same for every senior. Some of the different issues that seniors face are the same, of course, but no one senior is dealing with all of those concerns at once. Elder care providers help families to focus on the specific concerns that are the biggest issue for their family member, ensuring that they put the right solutions in place.

Implementing Solutions

Different solutions are going to make sense for different seniors as well. Some aging adults may need help only once in a while whereas others need 24-hour home care support in order to stay safe and healthy. Other solutions might involve making modifications to the home, like adding ramps or handrails in key areas. Most often, the simple solutions are the best ones.

Understanding Risk Factors

It’s really important for family members and aging adults to understand the different risk factors that could lead to a fall. That’s especially important when seniors might experience changes to their health that make mobility more difficult. Talking to a doctor and getting more information about expected health changes can make a difference.

Promoting Exercise and Engagement

It might also be helpful for seniors to become more physically active, particularly if they’ve started to live a much more sedentary life. Talking to a doctor first reduces the risk of injury, but moving more in general helps seniors to build muscle, regain flexibility and balance, and to feel more confident as they move. All of this is an important part of keeping seniors healthy and happy at home.

Monitoring and Reviewing Plans

Because 24-hour home care providers are there day and night with seniors, it’s easy for them to keep an eye on what changes are occurring. They can also stay alert for what’s working and what isn’t in the fall prevention plan. None of these plans are written in stone. They can and should change as often as necessary to keep meeting the senior’s needs well.

For 24-hour home care providers, keeping seniors from falling is a big goal that they take seriously. Putting together a solid fall prevention plan helps everyone involved know what to do and how to help.

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