What Is Home Care and How Does it Work?

Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

When people get older, life often becomes more challenging. Between health issues and other difficulties, daily activities just aren’t as easy to handle. This problem is even bigger for seniors who live alone and who don’t have a lot of help for various reasons. Home care services are a solution that can have a huge positive impact on aging adults and their lives. But how does it work?

Home Care Defined

This type of care offers a variety of different types of supportive services to seniors who are living in their own homes and who want to remain there. Elder care providers offer assistance with daily tasks like light housekeeping, mobility, meal preparation, companionship, and more. This care is available in the senior’s own home when they need it the most.

Assistance with ADLs

ADLs are activities of daily living. These activities help seniors to continue to remain happy and healthy on a daily basis. Examples of ADLs include eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, and more. These activities sound simple on the surface, but for seniors who are facing health challenges, they may be a lot more difficult than they were in the past. Having help from home care providers ensures that they’re able to do these activities when they need to be done.

Mobility Assistance

Moving safely around the home is crucial for senior safety and happiness. For seniors who are having more trouble with mobility, they may be afraid of falling. This can keep them from moving as much as they should and could, which ironically leads to reduced mobility. Home care assistance helps seniors safely maneuver through their homes.


Aging can be incredibly lonely, especially when seniors live alone and don’t see other people very often. Elder care providers don’t just offer hands-on support, which is vitally important, but they also offer companionship. They genuinely like older adults and want them to have the social interactions they need on a regular basis.

Meal Preparation and Nutritional Support

All too often seniors aren’t eating the right foods or sometimes enough food at all. Cooking is difficult and it can take a lot of energy to do, especially for one person. When seniors don’t eat right, their physical, mental, and emotional health can suffer significantly. Caregivers can help seniors to have healthy foods, prepared regularly for them, that offer them the nutrition they need.

Housekeeping and Household Chores

If cooking takes a lot of energy, keeping up with even the smallest household tasks does too. The thing is, these tasks can’t be ignored, especially if seniors have mobility issues and need to use assistive devices. Home care providers can help seniors to live in a tidy and clean home that supports their ability to be safe and secure.

Ongoing Support and Communication

When family caregivers can’t be there with the seniors they love as much as they want to be, they can often feel as if they’re missing out on the information they need to better support their family members. Elder care providers can help family caregivers to stay on top of what’s happening and what they need to know. That gives them what they need to make better decisions for the seniors they love.

Working with home care providers offers so many different types of support that seniors and family caregivers need on a continual basis. Even when seniors don’t think they need much help, they can get serious benefits from having caregivers available.

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