What to Do if You Suspect Your Senior Has Dementia

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

The idea that a senior is developing dementia can be a really frightening one for both aging adults and family caregivers. Recognizing the signs and taking action quickly is the best course of action. Even if seniors aren’t facing dementia, it’s important to understand what exactly is going on. Senior home care providers can help family caregivers to stay on top of what is happening and what types of help their aging adult needs.

Recognizing the Early Signs of Dementia

It’s not uncommon at all for seniors to experience a little more trouble with memory and immediately worry about dementia. What can help is to understand the symptoms of dementia. Some of the earliest signs of dementia include:

  • Memory loss
  • Changes in language use
  • Disorientation
  • Poor judgment
  • Personality changes

It’s important to note that some of these symptoms are also symptoms that could point to another illness. Seeing these symptoms is an indication to get to a doctor and ask for screening tests to ensure that seniors get an accurate diagnosis.

Open the Lines of Communication

If families are worried their seniors are developing dementia, it’s important to open up the lines of communication. Opening conversations with love and support is important. This makes it easier to express concerns directly and find out what’s really happening. Active listening is also important because it helps seniors to feel heard.

Talk to Healthcare Providers

Talking to a doctor is the next step. A good starting point is the senior’s main doctor. It may also be necessary to see a specialist for a full diagnosis. Diagnostic tests include cognitive assessments, brain imaging, and other types of brain tests. Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensure that seniors get the right care going forward.

Focus on Emotional Well-being

Dealing with a new diagnosis of dementia is incredibly stressful for everyone concerned. Prioritizing mental and emotional well-being can be an important part of this process. Seniors need reassurance and understanding as they face these massive changes. Offering plenty of opportunities for social connections can help them to manage depression and anxiety.

Build a Support System

Having a solid support system is something that seniors and family caregivers need, especially as they face the possibility of dementia. Home care providers can offer respite care along with assistance with daily activities and household tasks. Knowing that there’s someone else there who has experience can be a huge relief for family caregivers.

Plan for the Future

The future is something that seniors and family caregivers need to discuss sooner rather than later if dementia is in the picture. Talking about long-term care options and wishes for the future is essential, but it can be difficult. Healthcare providers can help families understand what they need to consider as seniors experience further changes.

Dementia is a complicated and progressive illness. If families do suspect that their aging adult is developing dementia, it’s important to get an answer one way or the other as soon as possible. Getting help lined up from senior home care providers can really help families to have the help that they need along the way.

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