Keeping Seniors Warm This Winter

Elder Care in Edison NJ

Elder Care in Edison NJ

When you start caring for your elderly loved one, you may notice they get cold much easier than you do. This is normal because as seniors get older, they may not be able to warm themselves like they used to, and they lose muscle mass, which can make them feel colder too. So, how do you help your senior to stay warm when it is so cold out? Here are some tips for you and your elder care provider who can help them keep warm throughout the day.

Use Layers To Your Advantage

Thick layers can feel too warm, and your senior may sweat, making them colder once they remove the layers. You or elder care can help your loved one get dressed in several thin layers, which will help your senior feel warm throughout the day. This may even include a hat and scarf indoors. Why? Because a lot of the time, heat can escape a senior through their neck and head. Keeping these areas covered will help your loved one stay warmer.

Eat Regularly

One of the best ways to stay warm is through food! Your seniors may eat less and less, or they may not like eating as much as they used to, or they may not be able to make their food because it is too hard. Elder care can help prepare food for your loved one, and they can focus on hot foods that will help warm your senior mom or dad up. A good rule of thumb is to try to eat one or two hot meals a day. This will relieve your senior mom or dad when trying to get warm on a cool day.

Keep Moving Around

It can be hard to stay motivated to move during the day, especially when it is cold outside, and they want to stay warm. But one of the best things they can do is get up and move around every hour to get their blood flowing. This helps warm your blood and ensure your insides remain warm, too! So, help your loved one bundle up and encourage small stretches and walks from one room to the next or even small weights while watching TV!

Keep an Extra Blanket Around

Anywhere your senior loved one sits, keep a blanket around. This means if they are watching a movie, reading a book, or sitting to do a puzzle, they will have a blanket to keep them warm. It’s an easy step to give your loved one that extra comfort. You can hang them on the back of chairs or couches so they are always within a reachable distance.

Wear the Right Clothes to Bed

Pajamas are often thinner, which isn’t always the best for seniors who want to stay warm at night. Ensure that your senior’s bed has extra blankets nearby, and you may consider getting winter bedding and summer bedding for the season change. On top of that, elder care can help ensure that seniors pick out thicker pajamas and help them put socks on, which can help keep them warm at night.

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