It’s National Dog Month. What’s the Best Breed for your Senior?

Senior Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Senior Home Care in Spotswood NJ

With this month being National Dog Month, it might be the perfect time to decide if becoming a dog owner is a good fit for your elderly loved one. The benefits to pet ownership are multiple, having a pet provides companionship, gives a sense of purpose, and can even provide a great excuse to get some exercise.

But if your loved one has her heart set on getting a dog, doing a bit of research on dog breeds beforehand is a good idea. Not every dog is for every person, so understanding a dog breed’s temperament and needs is important so that your loved one can make sure the pet she gets is perfectly suited for her. Let’s look at four dog breeds that are often great companions for the elderly.

  • Shih Tzu. This small breed dog is a popular favorite among many seniors. It doesn’t need a ton of exercise and is generally happy to simply snuggle along with its owner and spend days following them around the home. They are also friendly to strangers, so if your loved one has senior home care who visits regularly, this breed is not generally one that will spend the entire visit barking at them or any other visitor.
  • Poodle. One of the great things about poodles for seniors is that they don’t create a lot of excess mess around the home by shedding. While they will need to be professionally groomed regularly, your loved one will not need to worry about hair being all over the home. And if your loved one likes a larger dog, a standard poodle is a larger-sized dog with a calm demeanor.
  • Bichon Frise. Back to little dogs. This sweet-tempered breed is well-loved by many seniors. They are low-maintenance dogs who potty train easily and learn the rules of the home quickly. They love to love their owners and are content being beside them all day. Like shih tzus, they are very friendly to most people and enjoy being in their company. They’re also tiny enough that cleaning up after them outside isn’t too much of a chore for most seniors. And their small size means your loved one won’t have extreme food bills for their pet.
  • Greyhound. Looking for another large breed to consider? Greyhounds are low-energy dogs who love just hanging around the home with their family. Many seniors choose to adopt retired racing dogs who are ready to relax and chill out in their later years. While they will like at least a daily walk, if your loved one is up to it or can have her senior home care provider help with walks, it might be a perfect companion for her.

No matter what kind of dog your loved one chooses, doing research beforehand prevents heartbreak for your loved one and her dog by making sure she finds a dog and falls in love with one who meets her needs.

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