5 Senior-Friendly Gadgets That Make Daily Routines Easier to Manage

Elder Care in Old Bridge NJ

Elder Care in Old Bridge NJ

Many older adults live alone and plan to age in place. Moving to a new community is unappealing. Your mom wants to do the same, but there are areas of her daily routine that challenge her. What can you do to help her out?

There are many assistive devices that can help seniors with everyday tasks while they are alone. Here are five senior-friendly gadgets to consider, in addition to support from elder care providers.

Pill Organizer

Your mom has several supplements and prescription medications to take each day. Some are taken in the morning, and others are taken before bed. Some pill organizers track the timing and sound an alarm or flash a light when it’s time to take a pill.

Smart Bulbs

A smart bulb works with your smartphone or smart speaker and turns on lights with your voice command. If your mom gets up in the middle of the night, she can ask her lights to turn lights on in specific rooms. She also controls the brightness.

She could tell her bathroom light to turn on to the night-light level. When she’s back in bed, she can tell the light to turn off again.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest helps your mom with many aspects of daily living. Her speaker can read a recipe out loud, step by step, while she prepares a meal or snack. It can remind her when to take her next pill.

A smart speaker can turn on lights for your mom if she has smart bulbs. They can find a show or movie on a connected TV. They can also read her a book, play music, or read the daily news. Some can place orders, make calls, and offer appointment reminders.


Smartwatches are not only devices for telling you the time. They can track how active you’ve been, your oxygen saturation levels, your pulse, and how long you slept. If you haven’t gotten up and walked around lately, the watch will remind you to get up and be active.

Some have fall detection and alert a contact if a fall is detected. Others pay attention to heart rhythms and offer alerts if something seems unusual from the normal readings.

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells allow you to see who is at the door before you open it. If the person is a stranger, you can use the intercom to speak to them and see why they’re there. You’ll be able to ask someone what they want before your mom has to talk to them.

Gadgets are great, but nothing replaces a human touch. Look into elder care services to help your mom complete her daily routines. Her elder care aide can help her with personal care, housekeeping, transportation, errands, and so much more. All it takes is a call.

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