4 Ways To Make Laundry Easier For Seniors

Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ

Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ

Seniors who are aging at home often need a little extra help with normal household chores. By making some changes at home it’s possible for seniors to stay at home and take care of themselves and their homes as they get older. But some chores are harder than others for seniors, like laundry. Because doing the laundry can be a physically demanding task that seniors may not be able to do easily if they have medical conditions or physical limitations it’s important to make it as easy as possible. These four things can make it much easier for seniors to do a physically difficult chore like laundry:

Rely on Elder Care

The best way to make laundry a breeze for seniors is to invest in elder care. Elder care means that seniors will have a care provider in the house with them during the day to help with chores like laundry. Elder care providers also can help with physically demanding chores like mopping and dusting as well as laundry. And they will fold and put away the laundry after it’s done as well as making sure that the laundry gets put into the washer and the dryer in a timely way.

Laundry Chute

If your senior loved one’s home has the laundry in the basement, which many homes do, installing a laundry chute from the bedroom floor can make laundry easier for your senior loved one. It also eliminates the risk of your senior parent falling down steps as they’re trying to carry a laundry basket or hamper. The laundry chute makes it easy for your senior parent to get the clothes and other items to the basement by just dropping them down the chute into a waiting laundry basket. They may still need help getting the clean laundry back upstairs however.

Relocating The Laundry

Sometimes it’s not possible to relocate the laundry but if there is space that can be used to bring the washer and dryer up from the basement to the first floor or second floor it can make it much easier for seniors to have laundry on a main floor. Installing a modern stacking washer and dryer in a bathroom upstairs doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can make doing laundry safer and easier for a senior parent. Stackables can also sometimes be fit into a powder room or utility room on the first floor so that your senior parent doesn’t need to go all the way to the basement to do laundry.

Front Loading Washer And Dryer

Studies show that front loading washers and dryers are easier for seniors to use than top loading machines. There’s less stress on their backs and arms and less lifting. So it’s a good idea to replace your senior parent’s top loading washer and dryer with front loading machines that will be easier for them to use. Front loading machines can be more efficient too, which also makes doing laundry faster.

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