7 Tips That Help Your Senior Maintain Brain Health

Senior Home Care in South Brunswick NJ

Senior Home Care in South Brunswick NJ

Everyone wants to keep their brain operating in tip-top condition, including your elderly family member. Finding the right tools and solutions, including bringing in help from senior home care professionals, gives her a way to maintain her brain health for the years to come.

Work Her Brain Like a Muscle

The brain is another muscle, and if your elderly family member exercises her brain as if it were a muscle, she’s going to keep it healthier. One of the ways she can do that involves doing activities that make her think, like word games, number games, and puzzles. Activities that work her memory are also important, like memorizing a new song or memorizing a list every day or week.

Encourage New Skills and Hobbies

In all, learning new things is incredibly important for brain health. Your elderly family member can try this technique out with all sorts of different activities. She might decide to take a class, for instance, or do something like learn to knit if she’s done other types of fiber crafts. Video games are another new skill your elderly family member might try out that can keep her brain engaged.

Keep Those Other Muscles Moving

As much as your senior’s brain needs a workout, so does her body. The degree of activity that is best for her is going to vary, depending on so many variables. Talk with her medical providers about how much exercise your senior should be aiming to do and then help her to put a plan together to achieve that goal.

Get Serious about a Healthy Diet

It’s important to get to know what your senior is eating regularly. If she’s eating foods that just aren’t good choices, like ones that are high in sugar or that are full of empty calories, it’s time to find ways to make some changes to her diet. Talk with her doctor to make sure that you’re covering all of her recommended dietary needs as you make changes.

Find Ways to Stay Social

Social engagement is something that can get overlooked when you and your senior think about helping her to stay healthy. It’s vital, especially for brain health, for your senior to have routine opportunities to socialize as much as is comfortable for her. One of the easiest ways to improve her socialization also involves helping her with other needs, because senior home care professionals make excellent companions for your aging adult.

Reduce Stress Wherever Possible

When your elderly family member is encountering a lot of stress, she’s less likely to be healthy in a multitude of ways, including brain health. Wherever you can reduce stress for your elderly family member, try to do so. In some cases, that might mean bringing in home care providers to reduce the tasks that she’s facing every day.

Make Sure Extra Help Is Available

Something else you might not think about in terms of brain health involves ensuring that your senior has help when she needs it. That reduces her stress levels, of course, but it also ensures that she’s not expending unnecessary energy when she can just have some assistance. Senior home care services offer exactly the help that your elderly family member needs without damaging her independence.

Most of the things that can help your aging family member to keep her brain healthier also enhance and improve the quality of her life.

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