Winter Organization Projects For Seniors

Companion Care at Home in Plainsboro NJ

Companion Care at Home in Plainsboro NJ

January is National Get Organized Month and while the weather is too cold to tackle outdoor projects, it’s the perfect time for seniors to tackle some indoor organization projects that they have been putting off. Getting their homes organized will help seniors live more comfortably and make the home safer. Getting rid of clutter, creating organized and curated spaces, and keeping the home free from trip hazards will greatly improve the quality of life for seniors that are aging in place. Companion care at home can help with organizing as well as help with reducing unwanted papers, books and home items. Companion care at home also means seniors will have a friend with them to talk with and hang out with while they work on organization projects like:

Going Through The Seasonal Decorations

Many seniors have amassed large amounts of seasonal decorations that are cluttering up their homes and basements. Now is the perfect time to get out those decorations, sort through them, discard some of them and make sure the rest of them are organized and safely stored in the basement, garage, or attic. If your senior loved one has companion care at home their companion can help them go through all of the decorations and pack them up after they are organized.

Planning A Garden

Gardening is a wonderful activity for seniors in the spring and summer. Now is the time to start planning what to grow, finding out what types of plants grow in the local zone, and thinking about where will be the best place to plant different things. A companion that provides companion care at home can talk with your loved one about their summer garden plans, go through seed catalogs with them, and help create a plan for a stunning garden.

Getting Rid of Unneeded Clothes

If your senior loved one has lived in their home for decades they probably have at least a few closets stuffed with old clothes that should be organized and sorted. Your senior loved one and their companion can go through the clothes and sort out which ones can be donated and which ones should be kept. There will also probably be some that just need to be thrown away. Once the clothes are sorted they can be packed into bins based on the season and stored away to be used later.

Hanging Photos On The Walls

Most seniors have a lot of photo albums that contain pages and pages of family photos. But those photo albums aren’t doing any good collecting dust. A great project for seniors to tackle in the winter months is getting out those old photos, getting them framed, and hanging them up on the walls. When the photos are hung up, seniors can see them every day and enjoy them every time they walk around the house. When the photos are in albums seniors don’t really look at them very much. Get them hung up where your senior parent will look at them every day.

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