Who Will Care for Your Senior if You Suffer an Injury?

Elder Care in Spotswood NJ

Elder Care in Spotswood NJ

Your dad needs help each week, and you’re happy to fill the family caregiver role. But, you weren’t prepared to get injured driving home. Heavy rains or snow caused another driver to drift into your car. You’ll be okay, but a broken leg is going to impact your ability to help your dad. What happens now? Here are a few tips for finding support for your senior from friends, family and most importantly, elder care services.

Reach Out to Family and Close Friends

Message or call all of your close family friends and family members with an update. Let them know how long you plan to be recovering, what care your dad needs each day, and how long it takes. Start coordinating who is available to help him throughout the week.

They should all understand. If you have anyone who refuses to help, you can’t do much about it. You just have to shift your focus to creating a schedule of care for those who are happy to help you and your dad.

Focus on Your Recovery

You need to focus on healing. You may need to work with a physical therapist, and it’s important you do everything your PT says. If you’re not supposed to be on your foot for more than a certain amount of time, follow those instructions. If you need to avoid lifting heavy weights for two months, do not ignore that recommendation.

It may prove challenging for the rest of your family, but you need time to heal. If you risk worsening the injury, you could end up unable to care for your dad at all, and that’s so much worse.

Don’t Let Stress Overwhelm You

It can be very stressful healing from an injury and worrying about your dad’s needs being tended to properly. Remember that you do things every day, so your friends and family members may not be as fast. That doesn’t mean they’re not helping him.

You have to trust others to do their parts. If you absolutely cannot sit back and do nothing, look for tasks you can do from your home.

You could be the one scheduling grocery pick-ups or deliveries. You can arrange mediation refills and deliveries. You can also keep paying your dad’s bills. This helps you feel like you’re still in the loop, and it helps reduce the tasks others have to do.

Rely on the Many Benefits of Elder Care for Respite

What do you know about respite care? It’s a service where a paid caregiver comes and helps your dad while you take the break you need. Make sure you consider hiring caregivers to assist your dad when other family members are busy or are not close enough to help.

Respite care is an essential service for family caregivers to keep in mind. Make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected by addressing the benefits of elder care services like respite care. Talk to an elder care specialist about what respite care does to help if you’ve been injured.


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