Six Situations Where Home Care Benefits Your Mom

Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Home Care in Spotswood NJ

Think about your mom’s plans to age in her current home. As her health or mobility changes, can she safely remain on her own? Does she have a wide circle of friends and family members who are close by? If not, it’s time to consider the benefits of home care. Home care can help in so many ways. Here are six situations where home care is vital.

Her Mobility Is Worsening

Your mom’s mobility has changed. It could be related to arthritis pain in key areas like the ankles, knees, or hips. She might have weakening bones due to osteoporosis that led to fractures. After a fall, her mobility changes in part due to fear but also due to the pain.

If she has a caregiver with her each day, she has someone to help her get out of bed or stand up from a seat. Your mom’s caregiver offers support while she gets in and out of the shower. Your mom’s home care provider can help her walk up and down the stairs.

She Suffered a Health Set Back

What if your mom’s doctor found she has a chronic health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure? Would she be able to take care of herself? Can she schedule all of her follow-up appointments on her own and remember that they’re coming up?

If your mom already had a health issue, what if it returns or worsens? Can she take care of herself if she’s given a completely new diet, exercise plan, or daily routine to follow?

A caregiver can help her with a new daily diet. They’ll shop together for the right foods, cook appropriate meals, and clear out the foods that aren’t appropriate anymore. Caregivers encourage your mom to get up and take walks outside. They’ll join her on those walks to ensure she’s outside for the recommended time.

You Don’t Want Her Alone All Day, Every Day

Your mom is alone all day, every day. You worry about that. Her friends have moved to retirement communities or to be close to their children or grandchildren. She no longer sees her co-workers after retirement. She doesn’t have siblings in the area.

Loneliness and isolation impact your mom’s health. It can increase the chances of her becoming depressed. They’ve also been linked to higher chances of inflammatory diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

She Forgets to Take Her Prescription Pills

Unless you call and remind her, your mom often forgets to take her pills. Even if you do call her, you have no way of knowing she actually took them. Her pills are essential to her health.

Home care offers medication reminders. Your mom’s caregiver will remind her which pills to take and when to take them. They’ll stay with her until she has taken them. If refills are needed, her caregiver can help your mom order refills and pick them up when they’re ready.

Her Ability to Cook Meals Has Diminished

Your mom no longer cooks. You’re not sure why, but she only eats frozen pizzas, ramen noodle cups, and canned soup. It’s not providing the nutrition she needs. Hire caregivers to plan and prepare meals with your mom.

She Can’t Drive

Your mom’s not supposed to drive. That makes it hard for her to get to her appointments without someone taking a day off. She can’t do the grocery shopping until you stop by. Caregivers can drive her to the places she needs to go.

Now that you know more about the benefits of home care, talk to an advisor. You can ask questions, learn more about prices, and schedule the services your mom needs.

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