Home Care Can Help Seniors With Pets

Home Care in Highland Park NJ

Home Care in Highland Park NJ

Seniors who are aging at home and have pets often worry about their ability to take care of them. So do their families. And it’s true that as seniors age some part of caring for a pet can be physically difficult for them. Taking care of a pet can take a lot of physical effort and there are really no days off when you have a pet.

But pets are wonderful for seniors. They can keep seniors from developing depression and anxiety. And pets provide companionship and love that seniors need. In-home care can help seniors with the harder parts of caring for pets so that seniors can get the benefits of having a pet without stressing about taking care of them. In-home care helps seniors care for pets by:

Vacuuming And Mopping

Pet hair gets everywhere and there’s really no way to stop it. But pet hair can an allergen for seniors. It can also make it more difficult for seniors with asthma or lung conditions to breathe. Seniors may have a difficult time keeping up with the vacuuming that must be done to control pet hair. And when pets vomit or have accidents mopping the floor has to be done swiftly to keep the house clean and sanitary. In-home care helps seniors manage pet care by cleaning up after the pets.

Washing Pet Beds And Blankets

It can be tough for seniors to wrangle pet beds to the washer and wash piles of blankets and towels and toys for their pets. A caregiver can handle the heavy laundry so that pets will have clean sanitized beds and blankets and the humans in the house will enjoy cleaner allergen-free air. Keeping pet beds clean and sanitized will help the pet’s health too.

Managing Pet Supplies

Shopping for big bags of pet food and heavy containers of litter can be much too difficult for seniors. But a caregiver can easily make sure that pets have food and litter and that all the pet supplies are put away properly. They can also make sure that pets have the medications that they need, apply flea meds, and give heartworm pills to help pets stay healthy.

Helping Get Pets To Appointments

Whether your senior loved one has a dog that needs regular grooming or just a pet that needs routine vet care your pet will need to get to appointments. Getting a pet in a carrier, getting them in the car, getting them out of the car, and repeating the process to get them home can be overwhelming for seniors. A caregiver can help seniors make sure that their furry friends get where they need to go safely and on time so that they can get what they need.

If your senior loved one has a vet that does house calls a caregiver can help prepare the pet for the vet’s visit and hold them during the appointment so that the vet can examine them.


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