Companion Care at Home Helps Seniors With Daily Living Tasks

Companion Care at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Companion Care at Home in Old Bridge NJ

When seniors are aging at home, they often need help with some of the most basic daily living tasks. Unfortunately, their children and other family members may not be able to assist their senior loved one with everyday tasks because of the responsibilities that they have. Having to work, take the kids to school, and fulfill other commitments means that family members may not have the time to spend assisting their senior loved one.

Companion care at home is a service that assists seniors in many ways. The primary purpose of companion care at home is to make sure that seniors aren’t lonely living in their homes. Seniors that age in place may not always be as social as they need to be and they can become lonely and isolated. Companion care at home means that seniors will have a trusted caregiver with them during the day or in the evening to talk with them, play games and do puzzles, and have conversations with them.

But companions can also help seniors with daily living tasks that are challenging or overwhelming for them like:

Getting To The Doctor

Going to the doctor can be nerve wracking for everyone. But it can be especially difficult for seniors who don’t drive, or who get easily confused, or who just aren’t comfortable going to the doctor by themselves. Companion caregivers can make sure that seniors get to their appointment on time and that they are comfortable during the appointment. It often makes seniors a lot calmer at the doctor to have someone with them.

Going Shopping

Shopping can be physically and emotionally draining for seniors, but it has to be done. With a companion to help them shop, make sure they get everything they need, help them pay for their items, and help them get everything back home seniors will find it less stressful and overwhelming to do the shopping they need to do.

Taking Pets To The Vet

Seniors who have pets may put off getting vet care for their pets because they find it difficult to get the pet to the vet. It can be tough to load pets into crates, into a vehicle, and get them to the vet especially for senior that don’t drive. With help from a caregiver seniors will have a much easier time making sure that their beloved pet gets the medical care they need.

Getting Haircuts or Manicures

Many seniors, especially women, rely on their weekly hair appointment to maintain their appearance. Seniors may also need to get regular manicures and pedicures, especially seniors with diabetes. Companion care at home can help seniors get to their favorite nail salon for a manicure and pedicure or get to their hair stylist for a touch up, wash, and set. Your senior parent will feel better about themselves and they will be more likely to want to socialize when they feel like they look their best. Maintaining their appearance is good for their physical and mental health.


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