Keep Working With the Help of Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care in Edison NJ

Senior Home Care in Edison NJ

Your dad needs more help than you have available time. You can’t quit your job, and it’s getting stressful trying to balance his care with your work responsibilities. You’re using up all of your personal days and vacation time. You’re stuck and don’t know what to do.

Don’t stop working. If you need the income, it’s important to keep your job and work the same hours you’re scheduled. Senior home care becomes the perfect solution to balancing your schedule with your dad’s care needs.

Build Your Work Schedules

When it comes to unpaid caregivers, 57% are caring for a parent and about half had no choice. Almost 30% of those caregivers have been providing care for five or more years. Imagine you’ve just turned 40 when your dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You have children still at home and suddenly your dad needs you.

Six out of ten family caregivers also hold full-time jobs. Think about the fact that most family caregivers provide an average of 22 hours of care in a week, which is about four hours a day. That’s essentially a part-time job.

You’re suddenly trying to balance an eight-hour workday with four hours of helping your dad. You also have commute times, your children’s activities, and time for self-care to consider. It’s a lot and needs to be a team effort or you’ll burn out.

What do people do? Many family caregivers end up reducing work hours and dealing with the loss of income by draining savings, giving up on retirement, or moving in with a parent. Is that something you’re comfortable doing?

Everyone who plans to help your dad needs to build a realistic schedule of their daily work routine. Include the commute, possibility of overtime or business trips, and other fluctuations. Compare these to see if there are any big gaps where people are free to help your dad.

Compare Those Openings to Your Dad’s Care Needs

Once you know when your dad has family and friends who can help out, build a list of the care he needs. What does he do well on his own and where does he need help? Where do the gaps everyone has in their schedules help out, and what ADLs and IADLs are left uncovered? That’s where you need to talk about senior home care services.

Involve your dad in this conversation about home care services. He needs to be part of the discussion, as that will help him feel included. When he feels like he’s made the decisions, he’s less likely to resist having a caregiver around.

What do you need to do to arrange senior home care? Call or reach out to a specialist online. You’ll go over the prices, services, and arrangements that best fit your dad’s situation. It takes minutes to get started with senior home care.


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