Home Safety Tips For Seniors With Limited Mobility

Personal Care at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Personal Care at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Seniors that are aging in place who have limited mobility and need to use adaptive devices need to make some special adjustments to their home. Falls are the number one cause of injuries among seniors, and those who have limited mobility are more likely to fall. That’s why you and your senior loved one should know and use these safety tips from home safety experts to make sure that your senior loved one is able to age in place safely:

Use Personal Care At Home

Personal care at home can be a huge help to seniors who have limited mobility. Personal care at home includes help with things like getting safely into bed and out of bed, getting to the bathroom, getting in and out of the shower, and getting up and down the stairs in addition to hygiene care and other services. These caregivers have training and expertise in the best ways to safely help seniors who can’t easily move without assistance.

Move Everything To One Floor

If possible seniors who have mobility problems should have everything they need on one floor. Going up and down stairs is a big risk for seniors. If there is a room on the main floor that can be converted to a primary bedroom that is the best thing to do. And if the bathroom can be expanded to include a walk in shower that is also worth doing. It will completely change the function of the house and make your senior loved one much safer to be on the first floor of the house instead of the second.

Make Sure Pet Items Are Kept In A Separate Area

If your senior loved one has pets make sure that the pet’s food and water dishes, bed, containers of food, treats, leashes and other items are not creating tripping hazards throughout the house. You can leave one pet bed in the living room so that their pet can spend time with them in the living room but your senior parent won’t be tripping on the food and water bowls or other items that your pet needs on a daily basis.

Make Wide Paths Around The House

If necessary make the walking paths that connect the house and the outside wider so that your senior loved one is able to use them safely even if they have a walker. Make sure that they are even and in good repair too so that your senior loved one doesn’t fall. You should also make sure that there are wide clear walkways all throughout the lower part of the house where your senior parent spends most of their time. Keeping wide walkways and pass throughs will make it easier for your senior parent to get through when they are using walkway. You may also need to widen some of the doors.

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