Does Your Senior Loved One Need 24-Hour Home Care?

24-Hour Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

24-Hour Home Care in East Brunswick NJ

If you have a senior parent that is aging in place, it can be challenging to figure out if they need home care and how much care they need. Often family members assume that their senior loved one only needs some help during the day, but 24-hour home care can be a very helpful thing for seniors that are living alone. With 24-hour home care, seniors can have someone with them up to 24-hours a day if necessary. If you haven’t thought about the benefits of 24-hour home care for your senior parent some of the benefits are:

Better Sleep

Seniors often have difficult sleeping. Medications can keep them awake. So can stress, and anxiety. Depression can also make it tough for seniors to get the rest they need. And seniors who use a CPAP or other medical equipment may have trouble sleeping because they worry about the machinery malfunctioning while they sleep. But seniors who have a care provider with them overnight have a much easier time sleeping in most cases. Just knowing that they aren’t alone and that someone is there to help them can be a huge relief for seniors. And it can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your senior parent is safe throughout the night.

Lower Risk Of Falls

When seniors fall it’s often when they are trying to shower or get dressed, or when they are getting in or out of bed. All of those instances are usually when seniors are alone at home. 24-hour home care means that your senior loved one will never be alone. So they will have the help they need with tasks like getting in and out bed or getting in and out of the shower and that will mean there is less risk of a fall. Anything that can lower your senior parent’s risk of falling is worth doing because falls can cause very bad injuries for seniors, especially if seniors are alone and can’t get help for a long time after they fall.

Consistent Care

Seniors who have 24-hour care have a higher level of care because the care they are getting is consistent. The care providers that work with you and your senior parent will be able to deliver seamless around the clock care. Your senior loved one will be happier and healthier thanks to the ease of communication and the improved monitoring that comes with 24-hour home care.

Better Quality Of Life

If your senior parent was with their partner or spouse for a long time but now they are alone they can suffer from anxiety and depression. There is something comforting about not being alone when the weather is bad, or when it’s the middle of the night, or when you don’t feel well. Your senior parent will have a better quality of life and better mental health when they have someone with them around the clock like they are used to.


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