4 Trendy Bathroom Upgrades That Also Increase Safety For Seniors

Elder Care Old Bridge NJ

Elder Care Old Bridge NJ

Seniors that are aging in place may want to upgrade their homes to reflect their lifestyle and infuse some new life into the home, especially if it hasn’t been redecorated in awhile. Any remodeling or upgrades should also include some thought about increasing home safety. Seniors can have still have a stylish and comfortable home that also has some great safety features to help them avoid falls. Elder care at home is always a good idea to help seniors stay safe at home. But doing some remodeling is a good idea too. These four bathroom upgrades are on trend for a design upgrade and also are great for keeping seniors safe:

Rounded Shapes

Design is getting softer, and that means designers are choosing furniture and accessories with rounded shapes for the bathroom. This is great for seniors because round shapes aren’t as likely to jab seniors and cause cuts or bruises if seniors fall or run into them. Rounded edges on countertops, round stools for sitting, and round towel rings instead of sharp towel bars are easy upgrades that your senior can adapt to give their bathrooms a style upgrade as well as a safety upgrade.

Soft Textiles

Soft rugs are great for the bathroom because it’s common for seniors to fall in the bathroom. Soft bathroom rugs that have non-slip backs will provide a comfortable cushion that is less likely to cause broken bones or serious injuries if your senior parent falls while in the bathroom. Look for rugs that are easy to clean but have good padding and thick fibers. And if the rug seems slippery even with a non-slip backing use some caulk on the back of the rug to make it strongly stick to the floor so that it doesn’t slip and cause your senior loved one to fall.

Edgeless Showers

Getting in and out of the shower is always tough for seniors. Elder care can help seniors stay safe at home by helping them with household tasks but when it comes to showering seniors need all the help they can get. An edgeless shower has no curb or lip that seniors have to step over to get into the shower so they are much safer for seniors. Instead the water drains through a specially shapes drain that pulls the water right down the drain so it doesn’t puddle at the edge of the shower or flood the bathroom.

No Touch Faucets

Turning faucets on and off can be difficult for seniors who have chronic inflammation or conditions like arthritis. Beautiful modern no-touch faucets turn on when someone waves a hand under them and turn off after a set period of time. These faucets are ideal for seniors because seniors don’t need grip strength or the ability to grasp a faucet to use them.


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