Does Your Senior Struggle at Night?

24-Hour Home Care in South Brunswick NJ

24-Hour Home Care in South Brunswick NJ

There are many elderly people who need overnight care, but how will you know when it is time for your senior to have 24-hour home care? Here are some signs that you can look for to recognize that your senior may be struggling alone at night.


One of the primary reasons why overnight care is needed for the elderly is due to wandering. Wandering is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. However, it can occur when your elderly loved one gets confused, as well. Your elderly loved one may wander away from their home or away from a public place. Both of these situations can be dangerous. If you are concerned about wandering with your elderly loved one, hiring 24-hour home care may be the best option to helping them stay in place.

Severe Forgetfulness

There is some forgetfulness that just happens as people get older. This is known as age-related memory loss. Sometimes, this can be severe. However, it is generally mild to moderate. There is also memory loss associated with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. No matter what the case may be, if your elderly loved one is experiencing severe forgetfulness, it may be a good idea to hire 24-hour home care providers to stay with them at night. That way, your elderly loved one has someone around to help them remember what they are supposed to be doing and where they are at.


Unfortunately, there are many senior citizens who develop depression in their elderly years. There are numerous causes for depression such as bad news in the world, feeling lonely, not having a purpose, and much more. It is important that everyone does their best to help senior citizens and others boost their mental health and overall emotions and mood. If your elderly loved one is feeling depressed, senior care providers can spend time with them during the daytime, evening, and nighttime hours, so they can start feeling better.

Medication Reminders

Is your elderly loved one forgetting to take their evening or nighttime medications? If so, depending on the medication, this could be dangerous for their health. It is crucial that someone is able to remind your elderly loved one and be there in person to ensure they are taking these medications. Home care providers can go to your elderly loved one’s home in the evening and nighttime hours to ensure they are taking all their medications. The home care providers can be there in the morning, as well, to ensure they are taking their morning medications.


Do you suspect that your elderly loved one is needing overnight care? Maybe, they are forgetting things a lot or wandering away from home. It could be that their mental health is suffering as it does with depression and anxiety. No matter what the case, if your elderly loved one does need people to help keep an eye on them in the evening hours and throughout the night, 24-hour home care providers can be there for them every day.


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