National Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Is It Time to Arrange Companion Care?

Companion Care at Home in Monroe NJ

Companion Care at Home in Monroe NJ

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month is an annual event designed to support families and help others understand more about the disease. Around one million Americans have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and it can be a difficult time for the patient and family caregivers.

After your dad’s doctor informs him that his tremors and slow movements are not normal. He has Parkinson’s disease. You’re told it’s a good time to discuss companion care at home. How can caregivers help?

Assistance With Household Chores

Your dad’s slower gait, stiffness, and issues with balance can make it hard to complete routine chores. He can’t push a vacuum and maintain balance at the same time. Stairs are challenging, making laundry impossible.

With companion care at home services, he has assistance with cleaning, cooking, and laundry. His caregivers can make his bed, change his sheets, and fluff pillows. If he wants to try to help with tasks he’s confident completing, he can.

Transportation Services Ensure He Gets Around Town

When your dad cannot drive, he shouldn’t have to struggle to get to stores, area businesses, and medical offices. If he has an appointment, he needs someone who is available all day to take him there, help him walk into the office, and bring him back home after.

If your dad wants to go shopping or to his favorite restaurant for lunch, he should be able to. His companion care aide can drive him around. You won’t have to continually take time off work.

Friendship and Socialization Are Key

If your dad has a strong support team, he’s going to be in a better place to manage a progressive disease. You may need to work, but that doesn’t mean he should be alone. Arrange to have companion care with him each day.

His caregiver can engage him in hobbies, games, and other fun activities. He’ll have a caregiver to watch movies with or to go for a walk around a local park. Your dad stays active and engaged, which is important for his emotional well-being.

Family Caregivers Can Take Breaks Without Leaving Their Parent Alone

Caring for your dad is going to get harder as the disease progresses. In addition to medication reminders and transportation, you’ll be adding help with ambulation, cleaning, and meals down the road.

Soon enough, you’ll find that there are not enough hours in the day. You’re stressed and overwhelmed. Parkinson’s home care aides help out by allowing you to take breaks. Use that time to decompress and ease stress. Go out with friends, attend a fitness class, or have a quiet day at home.

Companion care at home is essential for families experiencing home care. Caregivers help with everything your dad needs without taking over. They’re available to support him and other family caregivers with his goals to age at home. Talk to an expert about Parkinson’s home care today.


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