What is Aging in Place?

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

Aging in place is the act of staying in your home as you age. It means you don’t move to any other type of living situation. Instead, you’re supported by family, friends, and senior home care when and if you need help.

You’ve heard your dad say that he wants to stay at home. He’s lived there for 50 years and has no plans to change that. He likes the area, and he feels comfortable where he is. You’re making it a goal to ensure that happens, so what steps do you take?

Watch Him Complete Daily Tasks

Your dad does activities for his well-being and others for his comfort. He needs to be able to walk around, get out of bed, stand up from a chair, and know when to go to the bathroom.

Your dad has to be able to eat meals and snacks, drink water and other beverages, and take care of his grooming and hygiene. He needs to be able to take a shower, dry off, and get dressed.

Watch him when he does those things. Does he dress appropriately for the weather? Does he come out of his bedroom in a t-shirt and jeans if it’s cold outside? Does he think it’s okay to walk out to the mailbox like that? Is he struggling to stand after sitting or lying down? If he struggles with these activities of daily living, he needs senior home care services sooner rather than later.

What about the activities for his comfort? Check that he’s managing his money and paying bills on time. Make sure he shops for groceries and puts everything in the right area. If he buys meats, they can’t sit on the counter for hours. He needs to be able to cook meals and snacks that meet his nutritional needs.

If your dad no longer drives, he needs to be able to arrange rides to his medical check-ups. He needs someone to drive him to stores and the pharmacy. There’s a problem if he can’t use the phone or email to arrange rides.

How about his home? Is it clean and organized or dirty and cluttered? Does he do laundry and change his sheets and towels each week? If he struggles with any of those instrumental activities of daily living, it’s time to have senior home care aides helping him.

What Does Senior Home Care Offer?

Senior home care is a collection of services designed to help your dad age in place. He can have professional caregivers help with housework, laundry, and meal preparation. His home care aides can drive him to appointments and stores. They can remind him to take medications and order refills.

Best of all, senior home care aides offer companionship. Your dad never has to feel lonely or isolated. He has trained caregivers stopping by as often as he needs. He’ll have someone to talk to, go for walks with, and accompany him to appointments.

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