Best Safety Tips for Senior Citizens in the Winter

Elder Care in South River NJ

Elder Care in South River NJ

Now that it is wintertime, it is important to help your elderly loved one stay safe. There are many senior citizens that fall on the ice or in the deep snow during the winter. These falls can be extremely dangerous for the elderly. They can cause injuries, hypothermia, or even death. If you and elder care providers work together, you can help to keep your elderly loved one safe this winter.

Temperature in Their House

Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who don’t remember to set the temperature in their house properly for the winter. For example, if your elderly loved one’s thermostat isn’t set to turn on until it is as low as 60 degrees in the winter, they could get very cold. Most people will set their thermostat to about 69 to 72 degrees in the winter months. In addition to setting the proper temperature, you or a home care provider may need to remind your elderly loved one to pay their utility bill, as well. Forgetting to pay the bill could result in their electricity and heat to be turned off. This could be very dangerous.

Getting Enough Vitamins

Your elderly loved one’s vitamin levels may drop lower during their winter months. The main reason for this is that they aren’t getting out in the sun enough. The vitamin deficiency that is most common in the winter for the elderly is Vitamin D. The good news is that there are fruits, vegetables, and other foods and drinks that can increase your elderly loved one’s Vitamin D levels. When shopping, you or elder care providers can get these foods for your elderly loved one, so they can stay healthier this winter.

Proper Outdoor Safety

With all the ice and snow during the winter, you and elderly care providers should also make sure your loved one is safe outside. There are many ways that you can do this. The main thing to do is to ensure your elderly loved one has the proper clothing when going outdoors. They need hats, gloves, scarfs, a coat, boots, and even ice cleats.


These are some of the best safety tips for senior citizens in the winter. It is also a good idea to check on your elderly loved one more often during the winter months. You should make sure they don’t need anything in their house or from the grocery store. Many senior citizens don’t want to leave their house often during the winter storms. If you or an elder care provider can get anything they need, it can help to keep them safer, as well.


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