What Can Your Senior Do to Reduce Stress with COPD?

Companion Care at Home in South River NJ

Companion Care at Home in South River NJ

Stress is something your senior needs to avoid no matter what, but if she has COPD, it’s even more crucial for her to find the best ways to reduce her stress. These tips might be helpful for her.

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques might feel a little silly, but they work. And for someone with COPD, it’s crucial to be able to calm breathing and anxious thoughts when they become difficult. Anxiety is a huge problem for people with COPD, mainly because of shortness of breath and breathing problems. Learning how to manage those issues through techniques that are easy to use anywhere can greatly reduce anxiety and overall stress levels.

Learn to Delegate

Your senior may need to learn how to delegate, especially if that’s a skill that’s new for her. Her goals to this point may have involved remaining as independent as possible, but that doesn’t mean that she has to do everything personally herself. Companion care at home can make a huge difference for your senior in terms of energy levels and maintaining her ability to keep going.

Stick with Her Doctor’s Recommendations

Her doctor may give your elderly family member some specific recommendations, especially around exercise and diet. That’s important for her to follow as much as possible because these changes can help your elderly family member physically and emotionally. Physically, exercise and dietary changes give your senior what she needs to remain as strong and healthy as possible. Emotionally, those changes give her a huge boost, too. But it can be tough to make the changes to meet those recommendations, which is where help from companion care at home can be the solution.

Avoid Bloating Triggers

If just one thing causes your senior too much stress with COPD, it might be anything that causes her to feel bloated. That’s because her lungs share abdomen space with the rest of your senior’s internal organs, including her stomach and her intestines. Bloating leaves less room for your senior’s lungs, which can make breathing more uncomfortable and more painful. Learning to recognize bloating triggers, like carbonated drinks, can help your senior to avoid them.

COPD can cause your senior to stay at home more often, possibly by herself. Having companion care at home can relieve the stress of loneliness, too. There may be other ways that they can help your senior, which is why it’s so important to investigate those possibilities.

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