Does Your Elderly Loved One Need a Walk-In Tub?

In-Homecare in Plainsboro NJ

In-Homecare in Plainsboro NJ

There are many elderly people who have and benefit from a walk-in tub. Do you think that your elderly loved one could use a walk-in tub? Maybe, you or your loved one aren’t quite sure if this is the type of tub they need. Keep reading here to find out some of the benefits of these tubs. Then, you and your elderly loved one can decide if this is something they want to get.

Improving Safety

Many elderly people have balance issues. These issues can cause them to slip and fall while trying to get into a traditional bathtub. Does your elderly loved one have issues with their balance? If so, a walk-in tub could help to reduce their risk of falling. With a walk-in tub, your elderly loved one doesn’t have to step over the side to get in. They can open the door and walk in.

More Independence with Bathing

Many elderly people need to have an in-home care provider or a family member in the bathroom while they are bathing. They may need help getting into and out of the bathtub. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, they might be feeling uncomfortable. A walk-in tub gives your elderly loved one the opportunity to get into and out of the tub on their own. This way, they may not need anyone in the bathroom while they are taking a bath.

Help for Dementia Patients

People with dementia often forget how to step over the tub. That is one reason why so many people with dementia fall while taking a bath. If you want to lower the chances of this happening for your elderly loved one, it may be best to have a walk-in tub installed. Your elderly loved one will just need to walk into the tub, instead of stepping over the side. Having a walk-in tub could make it easier for the in-home care providers to help your elderly loved one with their baths, as well.


There are many reasons why elderly people choose to get a walk-in tub. After reading these benefits and talking to your elderly loved one about them, it may be best for them to get a walk-in tub. If this is something you decide upon, there are many places that sell these types of tubs. It usually doesn’t take too long to have someone install them either.


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