Is Your Elderly Loved One’s Back Pain Caused by Kidney Issues?

Personal Care at Home in Highland Park NJ

Personal Care at Home in Highland Park NJ

Many people have back pain due to degenerative disc disease or arthritis. However, your elderly loved one might be having back pain caused by kidney issues. How do you know if their back pain is related to the kidneys? There are some signs you can look for to determine if the kidneys are the problem. If you or your elderly loved one suspect the kidneys are causing issues, you should have them see a doctor.

Flank Pain

Is your elderly loved one experiencing any flank pain? This is pain that is more to the side of the lower back than in the middle. If the pain is directly from the flank or even in the side of the body, the pain could be coming from the kidneys. Many times, if someone experiences flank pain, they have kidney stones or a urinary tract infection. However, your elderly loved one would need to see a doctor confirm what is going on.


Does your elderly loved one have a fever? If so, there could be many things that cause this. However, if your elderly loved one has a fever along with the flank pain or other symptoms mentioned here, they could have kidney issues. Your elderly loved one should never ignore a fever for too long. If the fever persists for longer than a few days, especially if they are having the other symptoms, make sure you take them to see a doctor. If you aren’t available to take them in, get personal care at home services for your elderly loved one. Then, the senior care provider that is with your elderly loved one can take them.

Other Symptoms

Has your elderly loved one been nauseous? Have they been throwing up from the pain or from not feeling good in general? Is your elderly loved one experiencing painful urination? While there are many things that can cause nausea and vomiting, if those symptoms persist with painful urination, flank pain, and/or a fever, get your elderly loved one to see a doctor very soon. It is possible they could have kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, a bladder infection, a kidney infection, or other kidney issues.


Does your elderly loved one have back pain? If they don’t have disc issues or other back issues, the pain might be coming from their kidneys. These are some of the many signs that could point to kidney issues. If these things are happening, don’t let your elderly loved one go too long without seeing a doctor. If they are seen and have moderate to severe kidney issues, they may need personal care at home services. The elder care providers can take them to future appointments and help with chores around the house.


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