Tips for Hallucinations and Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Care in Manalapan NJ

Senior Care in Manalapan NJ

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is hallucinations. While this symptom doesn’t usually occur until a bit later in the disease, it is still important for family caregivers to know about it. Hallucinations will cause your elderly loved one to hear, feel, smell, taste, and/or see things that aren’t actually there. However, your loved one believes they are real. There are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of hallucinations for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Keep reading here to find out what these tips are.

Avoiding Disturbing Television Shows

One of the tips for preventing hallucinations in someone with Alzheimer’s disease is avoiding disturbing television shows. If your elderly loved one watches shows that are violent, this is likely going to confuse their mind. They may start thinking there are criminals in their house. Some people with this disease might even have hallucinations where they hear someone attacking them. If you and senior care providers can stop your elderly loved one from watching these shows, that could greatly reduce the number of hallucinations they have.

Positive Distractions

Research shows that people who have Alzheimer’s often have more hallucinations when their stress levels are high. If you or a senior care provider notices that your elderly loved one is getting overwhelmed or stressed, it would be best to help them with a positive distraction. There are many positive distractions that could help. Some of these distractions include coloring, talking to a loved one or friend, spending time with their senior care providers, or eating a snack they love.


Another way that you can try preventing hallucinations for your elderly loved one is by making their life more comfortable. This ties in with lower stress levels. If your elderly loved one feels more comfortable, they are going to be less stressed. This means they will have a lower chance of having hallucinations. There are many ways you can help your elderly loved one to be more comfortable. Some of the ways you can do this include getting them a new bed, having someone stay with them more often, and talking to them in a calm voice.


There are many people who have Alzheimer’s disease that suffer from hallucinations. If your elderly loved one is already having hallucinations, hopefully, these tips will help to reduce the number of times they have them. These tips can also help to prevent some hallucinations, as well. If you are concerned about the hallucinations your elderly loved one is having, make sure you or a senior care provider take them to their doctor.


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