Who Helps Your Parents With Outdoor Chores?

Elderly Care in Monroe NJ

Elderly Care in Monroe NJ

Your family spends a lot of time helping your parents with shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Who takes care of outdoor chores? As you spend plenty of time doing laundry, preparing meals, and escorting your parents to area businesses, it’s easy to have little time left. Essential tasks like mowing, weeding, and yard clean-up can go ignored. Find out why outdoor care is important and how elderly care can play a role in maintaining your senior’s home.

Maintained Yards Keep Insect Pests Away

You might not think that yard care is that important. Unless your parents live in an association where neighborhood rules dictate the length of grass and weed-free gardens, they may not care. It’s still important.

Long grass becomes a haven for ticks. Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other illnesses that impact your health. Some wasps create nests underground. If you’re not maintaining an area, a wasp can see it as the perfect place to set up a home. If your parents walk past that area, they become targets of an aggressive wasp attack.

Maintained Yards Reduce Hazards

During a strong storm, winds can break branches off trees. If those branches are lying on the sidewalk or in the yard, your parents could trip on them. They go for a walk to get the mail and fall while stepping over a branch. They may try to pick them up and lose their balance.

If someone else is picking up branches, leaves, and twigs after a storm, you lower the risk of your parents falling over the storm’s mess. Branches in a driveway could damage your parents’ car. That’s another good reason to make sure the yard is checked for obstacles regularly.

It’s Time to Build a Care Team with Elderly Care

You need a team helping up with the things your parents cannot do independently. If they can’t afford to have professional landscapers tending to their lawn and landscaping every week, family members and close friends need to chip in.

You could weed the flower beds and around shrubs while your brother mows. Grandchildren could chip in and rake. In snowy climates, someone needs to stop by and shovel and make sure there’s no ice on steps and sidewalks. In the summer, people need to clean up after a storm moves through.

Make sure you have time to focus on yard care. To do this, hire elderly care aides to handle your parents’ indoor care needs. Have caregivers tackle light housekeeping and laundry while you mow and rake. They can cook meals and snacks while you pick up branches and pine cones.

With elderly care aides, you have time to do things outside. You can set your parents up with raised bed gardens and still have time for your own needs like socialization and exercise. Call an agency to talk about prices and local elderly care services.

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