Tips to Help You Be the Best Long-Distance Caregiver

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When you live too far away to help your parents, your role as a family caregiver changes. You can’t be there each day to do things around their house. You’ll take on a long-distance caregiver role and help in other ways. How can you do your best as a family caregiver when you don’t live nearby? Senior care can help.

Rely on Phone and Video Chats

You can’t be there in person, but with video chat services and phone calls, you’ll be able to hear your parents. Video chats can help you see them, too. You’ll know if they sound congested or in pain. You may see them on video and know if the area around them is clean or cluttered.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Your parents don’t have to rely on their neighbors for help. But, it’s helpful to have neighbors who can help in an emergency. When you do visit for a long weekend or a week, get to know their neighbors. Find out who is happy to help out if an unexpected situation arises.

If your parents heat stopped working, who could they go to until an HVAC specialist arrived? If your dad fell and needed someone to sit with him until the ambulance arrived, who do you trust to help out?

You can extend that helper list to more than neighbors. Family friends and relatives who live within a short drive can also help out.

Get Permissions in Place to Enable You to Talk to Doctors

Talk to your parents about being allowed to talk to their doctors. You’ll be able to keep up-to-date regarding prescriptions, medical advice, and doctor’s orders. If there are complications in care that you should be there for support, the doctor will tell you.

When possible, a medical POA is also helpful. Powers of attorney allow you to make decisions for your parents if they cannot speak for themselves. You’ll be able to offer your input over a phone call with the doctor.

Senior Care Can Help

Don’t feel guilty that you can’t be there. If you need to arrange senior care for your parents, remember you’re doing it to keep them safe. It’s not a failure on your part or a reason to feel bad. Caregivers are one of the best steps to take when it comes to keeping your parents safe and happy.

Senior care services assist with meals, housekeeping, transportation, and companionship. Companionship services from a senior care agency will become one of their favorite parts of having caregivers around as they never feel lonely or alone.

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