Is Your Dad’s Home His Forever Home? It Can Be

Caregivers in Howell NJThink about your dad’s house. If he wants to stay in that home for the rest of his life, how well is the house set up for aging in place? Would some areas of the house pose a problem as he ages? Has the home been updated or are certain areas in need of renovations? These can all be factors when it comes to aging at home.

The Age of the Home

If your dad’s home is older, certain upgrades will need to be made. Most homes are built to last several decades. If your dad is in a century home, the electrical wiring may not be as safe as it was. Upgrading all of the wiring is expensive, but it can lower the risk of an electrical fire.

If the heating system is 30 years or older, it may be inefficient. You don’t want the system breaking in the middle of the winter. A new system is a better idea.

Older plumbing fixtures and piping may also be needed. It can help prevent lead in the drinking water. It also helps your dad avoid costly leaks or burst pipes.

If your dad is on a septic system, a septic system failure is another thing to consider. These systems can fail without much notice. Proper care, such as pumping them every three years or sooner, and avoiding excessive use of water, will help. If he needs to have it replaced, it will cost several thousands of dollars.

Finally, consider the age of his roof. He doesn’t want water leaks damaging his insulation and ceilings. He also needs to consider the age of his well pump if he’s not on city water. Over time, he should budget in and make these upgrades as he can afford them. It will help him stay safe.

The Home’s Layout

Another aspect of aging at home is the layout. He may never have problems with mobility. If he does, would he still be able to get around his house? Now is a good time to look at clutter and furnishings and scale down items to make sure halls and his traffic areas offer plenty of room. If he needs a walker or wheelchair at any point, he needs room to use them.

He will want a bedroom near a bathroom. It’s not unusual for an older adult to need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Your dad won’t want to have to go up and down the stairs to get to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Your dad’s home can be his forever home as long as he has help when it’s needed. Caregivers provide that help. He can have caregivers to help with laundry, meals, transportation, housekeeping, medication reminders, companionship, and much more. Call a home care agency to make arrangements to have caregivers help him out.

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