What Are Some of the Best Ways to Help Your Mom Age at Home?

Your mom wants to age at home. She likes the location. She knows her neighbors. The home’s layout is familiar and works for her.

You’re worried. She lives alone. She’s an hour or more away from you and other family members. If something happens, it would take time for emergency services to reach her. You don’t even know how long it would take before someone would know something was wrong if she fell.

There are ways to ensure your mom is able to age at home while also giving you peace of mind. These are the things you and your mom need to do.

Talk to Her Neighbors

Take the time to visit your mom. During that visit, talk to her closest neighbors. You should get a feeling if you could trust them in an emergency. If they seem trustworthy, give them your contact information. If something is wrong, you’ll be on someone’s contact list and get notified quickly.

If you find that the neighbors don’t even seem to know your mom or don’t seem interested in being responsible for contacting the family, that is their right. Move on to another neighbor. If no one is interested, you’ll need to shift your focus to other protective measures.

Enroll in a Medical Alert System

Enroll your mom in a medical alert system. If something happens, she is wearing a pendant or bracelet with a button she can push to summon help.

A medical alert system connects your mom to a dispatching team. The operator determines if it is a medical emergency that requires paramedics to be called or if your mom just needs a family member to stop by.

Some systems have fall detection that will call your mom over the system if she falls. If she doesn’t respond, emergency personnel would be dispatched. They also have GPS trackers that can locate your mom if she goes for a walk and doesn’t return.

Hire Caregivers

Caregivers are one of the best ways for your mom to age at home. A trained caregiver will stop by as often as you’ve scheduled. Once in your mom’s home, the caregiver is there for companionship, welfare checks, housekeeping, meals, and more.

It’s easy to arrange home care services with caregivers. Make a call. Discuss your mom’s situation. You’ll learn more about rates and schedules at that point. Talk to a representative today.

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