As your senior’s caregiver, you might be caught up in the daily minutiae of meeting her needs. But that can sometimes mean that even big signs aren’t as obvious as you would like them to be. Does your senior need some more assistance, either on a daily or a weekly basis? Some of these factors can help you to decide.

Your Senior’s Health Is Getting Worse

When your senior’s health is getting worse, that means she automatically has greater needs. Progressive or chronic health concerns don’t tend to get better on their own. And without help, your senior may be struggling to deal with daily tasks that were once simple for her. It takes a lot of emotional and physical energy to deal with health issues. Having help alleviates those issues.

Normal Daily Activities Are More Difficult than Ever

Even if your senior isn’t experiencing worsening health, daily activities may be getting more difficult for her to handle on her own. It’s not as easy as it once was to stay on top of housekeeping tasks, personal care tasks, and everything else. Your elderly family member can benefit from having some help when and where she needs it most so that she can spend her time and energy where she wants to spend them.

Your Aging Adult Has Come Close to Serious Trouble

There may be times when your senior has a close call. She might almost fall or she might be having more trouble driving than you realized. When these close calls happen, they’re a wake-up call for both you and your elderly family member. They let you know that there’s more that you need to be focusing on right now and there might even be some changes that need to happen with your senior’s care plan.

She’s Recovering Slowly from Challenges

As your elderly family member does experience changes and challenges, how she recovers matters a lot. She might not bounce back as quickly as she used to. For instance, an almost fall might leave her with sore muscles and a new fear of the stairs. That can take time for her to rebound from, physically and mentally. These types of situations may mean that she needs a little more time to regroup.

There’s nothing bad or weak about needing some more help. If that has your senior concerned, remind her that you’re there for her and that anything that makes life easier for her is a good thing.

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