Home Care in Edison NJ: What Kinds of Signs Might Let You Know that Your Loved One Could Be Depressed?

Home Care in Edison NJ: What Signs Might Indicate that Your Senior Parent Could Be Depressed?

Spotting the signs of depression in your senior can help you to get her the treatment that she needs in order to feel some improvement. If you suspect that your parent is dealing with depression, talk to her doctor to find out what the next step is.

She’s Not Interested in Her Life Anymore

If your elderly parent is withdrawing socially or not engaging in her normal activities like she always has, this can be a sign of concern. This can mean she is withdrawing from more than just some activities, but her entire life.

She’s Been Sad for More than Two Weeks

Everybody gets sad now and again; even your senior. If that sadness is lingering for longer than a couple of weeks at a time, that is a sign that there’s something else going on. Talk with her and determine if she’s sad for a specific reason or if there’s just a general feeling on intense sadness that she’s fighting through.

She’s Losing Weight, Gaining Weight, or Experiencing Other Physical Effects

Often when someone is fighting off depression, they experience changes to their appetites. Your senior might find that she’s hungry all the time or that she’s not hungry at all. Other physical effects can show up, too. Loss of energy, inability to sleep, and unexplained long-term fatigue are just a few of the symptoms you might spot.

She’s Having More Short-term Memory Issues

A big concern for family caregivers and elderly parents alike is problems with memory. While sometimes this can be a sign that there are bigger things going on, in most cases it’s not as bad as you think as long as it’s temporary and you can figure out what is going on. Depression has your senior’s brain otherwise occupied, so her memory is more likely to be on the fritz.

Having a plan to help manage her depression starts with her doctor’s help. From there, helping your loved one with the basics at home can keep her focusing on the next step. Hiring home care providers can alleviate some of the everyday tasks that might wear your senior parent down.

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