What Are Meal Planning and Preparation Services?

Companion Care at Home in Monroe NJ

Companion Care at Home in Monroe NJ

Your dad lives alone and has difficulty eating the foods his doctor recommends. Cooking meals isn’t appealing. He’s much happier heating something in the microwave or reheating it in the oven. Have you looked at the benefits of meal planning and preparation services from companion care at home?

Your Dad Can Talk About What He Wants to Eat

When he meets his new caregiver, there’s a getting-to-know-you phase for both your dad and his companion care aide. He’ll share more about the food he likes to eat. You may want to give input on what he isn’t supposed to have.

With this information, your dad and his caregiver can work on a weekly menu. If your dad still needs ingredients, he and his caregiver will build a shopping list to take to the store. If you want, your dad and his caregiver can go shopping, too.

His Caregiver Cooks His Meals and Snacks

When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver does everything for him. He no longer struggles to cook a meal or prepare a meal for himself.

Your dad’s caregiver will prep the ingredients, do all of the cooking, and serve your dad when he’s ready to eat. If he wants company, his caregiver joins him at the table.

Your dad’s caregiver collects the dirty dishes, cleans the table, and washes pans, plates, and silverware. If your dad has a dishwasher, his caregiver can load it, set it to run, and then do other chores while the dishes are washed. When the cycle is done, dry dishes are put away.

The same happens when your dad is ready for a snack. He asks for hummus with carrot sticks and pita bread, so his caregiver plates the items he wants and brings them to the table. When he’s done his snack, his caregiver cleans up.

With the caregiver’s help, your dad also has enough to drink. If it’s been a while since his last glass of water, his caregiver will remind him and get a glass of water, milk, or whatever he wants.

Caregivers Do the Driving

There’s another service that’s often paired with meal preparation. Consider the benefits of having companion care at home services like transportation and assistance with errands. Your dad may not be the best driver anymore. Keep him from driving by having a caregiver available to take him shopping.

Your dad won’t struggle to use a self-checkout or card reader at the register. He even has help bagging his items. He won’t have to carry heavy bags of groceries up the stairs. Plus, his caregiver puts everything away before it spoils.

Ask about meal planning and preparation by talking to an advisor with a companion care at home agency. You’ll get answers to any questions you have and learn more about getting started.

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