The Most Popular Social Activities For Seniors

One of the biggest challenges for seniors that are aging in place is getting the social connection that they need. When seniors are isolated they have a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, and physical health problems. There are a lot of benefits that seniors get from staying in their homes as they get older but difficulty socializing is something that seniors need to work to overcome. Companion care at home is a fantastic way for seniors to maintain the social connection they need when they’re aging in place.

With companion care at home, seniors have a buddy that they can count on to go out and do activities with. Some of the most popular social activities for seniors that can be done on their own or with a companion are:

Walking Clubs

Walking clubs give seniors the chance to get some exercise and enjoy some social time with others. Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors because it’s easy to do, low impact, and effective at helping seniors stay healthy. And seniors are more likely to continue walking on a regular basis when they are walking with other people. Joining a walking club would be a great activity for any senior.

Day Trip Clubs

If your senior loved one loves to go places and see new things look for some local day trip clubs for seniors. Often these clubs will arrange their own transportation and members can vote on what local sites they’d like to see. Day trips are a fantastic opportunity for seniors to get out and see things like historical sites, the botanical gardens, museums and art galleries, or the zoo. Call your local senior’s center and ask about local clubs that host trip. Most likely they will have the information that you need to get your senior loved one signed up for a day trip club.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are also very popular with seniors. Reading is a great activity that can help seniors exercise their cognitive skills and learn new things. And conversing with others about the book is a fun social activity that’s also mentally stimulating. If your senior loved one would like to join a local book club they can find information through a local senior’s center, church, or other social group. There are also lots of online book clubs for seniors that use video chat for regular weekly meetings and discussions.

Eating Out Clubs

If your senior loved one has a gourmet palate and loves to try new restaurants a fine dining club or a club of seniors that meets to go out for a meal at a local restaurant would be a great fit for them. Usually the seniors vote on what restaurant to try and then get together to discuss the meal they had afterward. You may even find some great new restaurants in the area if your senior loved one joins a dining out club and starts trying out all the local restaurants.

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